Chapecoense – The Game Must Go On

Nearly two weeks after the ill-fated LaMia Flight number 2933 went down taking with it the Chapecoense football team, some good news finally. Brazilian footballer, Helio Hermito Zampier Neto finally woke up from the coma he was in since the accident. He happens to be one among the six who survived the plane crash.

He has absolutely no recollection of the crash and was reported to ask whether his team won or lost the game after waking from the coma. He is yet to be informed of what horrors took place on that crimson colored day. Doctors will eventually let him in on the news once his condition becomes stable. It was reported however that Helio woke up and instantly began singing. As an avid fan of karaoke, it’s no surprise the first thing to his mind was to sing a good old song. It’s also reported that the nurses and doctors on duty came out with the best karaoke machine they had – and let him use it!

In relating news, “the game must go on” – as Chapecoense have announced the appointment of Vagner Mancini as their new head coach. Along with the players, most of the coaching staff also perished in the crash and Vagner is tasked now with the difficult duty of rebuilding a much depleted side. He is best known for his stints with clubs such as Vasco de Gama, Santos and as a show of solidarity behind the club, several other Brazilian clubs have come forth and offered to loan them players for the upcoming season in which the team is to play the Copa Libertadores for the first time in its existence.

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