Marco Polo Ends With Second Season

Touted to be the answer to Game of Thrones, Netflix’s Marco Polo unfortunately will not see a third season. Netflix has recently scrapped the big budget production in light of its other ideas. This massive series was shot all over the world from Kazakhstan and Malaysia to Italy. While it was rather popular on streaming services initially when released in 2013, the second season spelled a death blow thanks to the drop in popularity from the beginning.

Cindy Holland from Netflix commented saying that they were grateful for the actors who put in an amazing performance in the series enthralling the audience day in and day out. Unfortunately, some series have to come to an end and Marco Polo has just seen its light fade out.

Weinstein Company produced the movie and it remains as one of the series that put Netflix on the chart. Asian history, martial arts – many things that capture the attention of audience was present in this flick but it somehow lost focus towards the end of the second season.

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