More Pokémon Added – You can’t catch ‘em all

If you feature among the elite few who pride yourselves as Pokémon experts having caught each and every species available on Pokémon Go, get ready for a rude awakening as the makers have recently announced that they may be adding around 100 more creatures to the virtual reality app world.

Wait you thought Pokémon Go was done and finished?

It has been months now and the game took over the world like a forest fire but just as rapidly its popularity spread, it also died down rather quick because there were a finite number of Pokémon that you could capture.

Now, the makers say that 7 baby Pokémon are being introduced. These baby versions of the staple Pokémon are basically miniature versions. For instance, the miniature Pikachu will be called Pichu.

Jacky from Indexsy was on hand to shed a bit of information, “Such baby Pokémon can only be caught by hatching them from eggs, which are now distributed worldwide at various Pokestops.”

New Users

The reason behind this new addition as pointed out by the makers is that while Pokémon Go is still going strong, the number of old users on the platform are dropping. While the game is able to still gather new players, older more experienced players are finding less and less Pokémon to stay hooked. It is hope of the makers that Pokémon Go can recapture the market in coming months like it did back in July when it was reported that the game had more users than Tinder, Snapchat or Twitter combined!

The new additions actually made previous appearances only in games such as the Pokémon Gold and Silver in 1999 for the Nintendo Game Boy. It remains to be seen whether the 100 species present in those games will make any appearance on Pokémon Go.

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