Why You Need A 144HZ Gaming Monitor

No proper gaming experience is complete without the proper gadgets. Dual shock controllers, comfy gaming chairs, the latest key boards, and custom built computers are great but not worth much without stunning visuals to go with it. Of course, you could get any gaming monitor, but a 144Hz gaming monitor is the only option to fit these high quality gaming devices. There are all different kinds out there but the one that’s generated considerable buzz as of late is the Acer Predator Z35 and the asus vs248h p ips.

Let’s dive right in to the specs. Like most monitors, this gaming monitor has a bright display that allows you to push the refresh rate all the way to 200Hz, meaning if you were looking for something more than the 144Hz advertised, fear not, you can up the ante. Using this option means the amount of time the hardware updates its buffer is increased per second, giving crystal clear images and less strain on the eye. For avid gamers in particular this is a great feat as there will be no image lag to interrupt quick actions while gaming.

All ports are kept under something similar to a hood on this gaming monitor, which means wires will not only stay protected, but will stay out of sight. This will make the gaming monitor experience even better so you don’t have to worry about a tangled mess of wires. The monitor also sits on its own mount, adding considerable height and some adjustable options to fit your liking.

On more recent monitors it has become a new standard to have no physical buttons on the outside to adjust volume, brightness, or other settings. This is not the case with this monitor. If you are an avid fan of being able to adjust your picture quality and volume with a quick press of the button, this feature is great for you. However, if you are a fan of being able to adjust all your settings digitally, that options is also available. No feature is off limits with this monitor and it has something for different types of gamers.

Now that we’ve gone through the basic features, let’s talk about one of the most unique features this monitor has which some refer to as the “race car” display. The front of the screen has a low light feature that makes the border around the screen glow to make your game room look even cooler. At night you don’t have to worry about finding those buttons we talked about before, the low lighting is as useful as it is awesome. Because of the monitor’s 35″ display, this beast is even better with the cool lighting effect.

To sum it all up, why do you need a 144Hz monitor? You need it because gaming isn’t the same without it. There are no bigger, brighter, faster screens than those. Why an Acer Predator Z35? Why not? Adjustable refresh rate, picture and sound settings, border settings, and more make it a unique monitor.

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