Rogue One – Best Story Yet?

Okay so, a few months back, Rogue One got released and we kept putting it off in our things to watch and review list. However, with the movie leaving theatres, it became imperative to leave a lasting impression in the columns of review writing, after all some do say it is the best Star Wars movie yet made (shame on you lot!)

What catches you is the opening itself with Gareth Edwards, the director providing a pragmatic yet necessary few minutes. Right from the word go, you begin to realize that this Star Wars movie is going to be rather different from the many made in the past. The art and beauty all stand out well, the exteriors feel great and grand but at the same time, you are not distracted by the grandeur – you are kept at pace with the story.

We could not help but notice a certain Ridley Scott effect throughout the movie. Some of the shots, sequence of events actually does feel a lot like Ridley Scott’s direction (see the image below)

As for the vision of the movie, we found it rather gritty and more mature than previous instalments. The world inhabited by the cast of Rogue One is more complex and broader with a more real version of how the universe could be if it indeed harbors intelligent life other than human beings.

On the other hand, the movie did lack one key element previously present in almost all Star Wars movies – Jedi Knights! Yes, spoiler alert, there are no Jedi Knights in the movie but at least there are flashbacks to previous instalments and even footage but at times this seems unnecessary as if forced.

The debate though in our minds is not whether the movie works but actually how does it fare with respect to the rest of the parts. To end the short review, we have to finish by saying that Rogue One is a dramatic step away from the Star Wars saga we have so come to admire and love but the move away does bring a heavy story element into the mix and it is for this reason we are actually happy to announce that it wins the first place among Star Wars movies in our books! Yes, let the comments thrashing our review flow in please…

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