Worst Movies of 2016

As the year comes to a close, it is once again time to recap the best flicks to come out and the worst. But, everyone is doing the best and it differs from person to person. However, it is the list of failures that many might agree on. Without further ado, here’s our pick of top ten horrible movies of 2016 that should never have been made in the first place.

Zoolander 2

A sequel that no one was really interested in. Took them 15 years to make it in the first place and although the star cast was quite commendable, the movie was doomed from the moment news got out that it was really being released! Horrible scores and hardly any turnout doomed it from the beginning.

Allegiant From the Divergent Series

One more title release in some obscure teen fantasy sage hit the box office in 2016 only to a sober reception. Seems the public is no longer interested in such teen fantasy movies and the makers are now considering releasing the final part as a sort of TV-film. I’d much prefer to just grind the DVD box in a food processor – lol.

Ride Along 2

Why is the only question that comes to mind when you watch Ride Along 2. Why did you even watch the movie? Why Ice Cube and Kevin Hart did not do charity instead? Why are we even talking about it? The first part never worked, why bother making the second part – that is the most pressing question of the lot.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Someone better be joking here. 20 years between the first and second part, trying to tie down much of the existing star cast, making a haphazard story to continue forth and get folks to the theatres. At least, they tried is all we can say because the spaceship was big as in really big.

London Has Fallen

Blowing up the White House was not enough, Gerard Butler had to go and blow up entire of London just because the American president was in town. By the way, he was the only dignitary visiting the country to survive and he happened to be the target from the very beginning. How convenient for the moviemakers then!

Gods of Egypt

Gerard Butler once again in the countdown! What is wrong with you Gerard? Big budget is all that you see nowadays or have you suddenly lost your star power? What a horrible movie, drudging along for most of the time.

The Do-Over

Thankfully a movie that did not waste time on the big screen because it was exclusively made for online viewing. A Netflix original, unfortunately Netflix did not go around parading it as it does some of its Marvel titles.

Dirty Grandpa

Robert DeNiro and Zac Efron should never work together again. Comedy thankfully exists in small sequences but overall the story is lackluster and the public showed its dismal with abysmal footfall in theatres.

Mother’s Day

Let’s not even speak on this movie. That should do justice to the title, producer, director and everyone associated with it.

Nine Lives

You probably haven’t even heard of this title but guess what – that’s why it tops our list of the most sh***st among the list. Kevin Spacey plays a dad who works too much and suddenly has his mind trapped in the body of his daughter’s new cat. What? Oh! By the way this is a kid’s film.

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