5 Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Dynamic Websites

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Web hosting is an important concern when it comes to taking business online. Given that there are multiple types of hosting, such as VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting, picking one that’s right for a particular business can be a bit challenging. To add to this is the cumbersome task of selecting the appropriate provider. In order to choose the optimal solution and the corresponding provider, it is imperative that organizations have a clear idea about their requirements. What this implies is that hosting solutions depend upon the type of website, static and dynamic.

Where static websites can opt for any of the types of hosting solutions, it is best to invest in Cloud Hosting for dynamic websites.

What are Dynamic Websites?

Unlike static websites that have similar content for all users, dynamic websites are tailored to map the interest of a particular user. In simple terms, the content displayed on dynamic websites is different for different people. For instance, consider a Facebook page. The information or the posts displayed will never be the same for two people. That is an ideal example of dynamic websites.

How Does Cloud Hosting Benefit Dynamic Websites?

It is known that dynamic websites display personalized content. And this is probably one of the reasons why they are much more popular as compared to static websites. Hosting dynamic websites on the cloud offers the following benefits:

  1. Higher Security

Since dynamic websites are customized to display content based on the interest of the users, they are bound to have a database that stores personal information of the users. Hosting such websites on unsecured hosting platforms exposes them to the threat of hacks and cyber attacks, which isn’t acceptable. It is important that website owners take into account the security of user data, and this is where Cloud Hosting seems to fit the puzzle. With cloud storage solutions like Ceph and data mirroring across three locations, Cloud Hosting ensures seamless data backup, automatic data recovery and advanced data security.

  1. Scalability

Dynamic websites grow as the demands of the users rise. Hosting solutions that do not offer seamless scalability suffer in terms of speed if traffic rises to a certain limit. This disrupts the performance and efficiency of the website. On the other hand, Cloud Hosting solutions are scalable, allowing website owners to expand their resources as and when needed, on an ad hoc basis.

  1. Offer Cost-effective Services

As the size increases, there arises the need to add more resources to the website. Extending hosting plans after they have been purchased are expensive and might cost huge. The one-click scalability offered by Cloud Hosting providers allows website owners to start with an affordable basic plan for their website and then keep scaling up to match the growing needs of the site. This ensures cost-effectiveness as owners do not need to hoard unnecessary resources and add then as and when required.

  1. Accelerate the Website Speed

Cloud Hosting comes with a set of a huge database that allows easy and quick access to the data. Solutions like caching and Content Delivery Network (CDN) boost the speed of access to your website. Every time a request is sent to the server, the response time is pretty less, enhancing the speed and the overall performance of the website.

Final Word

From the above points, it is pretty clear that Cloud Hosting is ideal for dynamic websites. Website owners who lack the technical know-how or do not wish to devote time to server management can opt for managed hosting solutions. Managed Cloud Hosting allows users to concentrate on the business as the server upkeep is looked after by the provider.

Thus, it is imperative to assess your set of requirements carefully, research well about the Cloud Hosting providers and their offerings, and select a plan that completely complements your site’s needs. Until next time, all the best!