Can Sky3ds+ flashcart work on Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL V11.10.0?

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Recently, the Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL firmware updated to 11.10.0-43, can Sky3ds+ flashcart still work? Is it the best 3ds flashcart to buy on the new update? What do you must know before buying the sky3ds plus flashcart to hack 3DS v11.10, here are the answers for all.

Sky3ds+ and 3DS 11.10.0-43

No worry, Sky3ds+ 3ds flashcart is still working on the latest 3DS 11.10.0-43E/U/J consoles, it even can work on 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS XL and NEW 2DS XL with 11.10 system versions.

Sky3ds+ flash cart still plays free 3DS Games on the new firmware, and only 3DS Games, it doesn’t support NDS games. To setup Sky3ds plus flashcart on the 11.10.0 console, the instruction is the same one like before, you are no need to update your card, download sky3ds+ firmware v140 from, unzip the firmware file to get the firmware.bin, drag the bin file to a microsd card, put the sd card into sky3ds+ slot, then insert the sky3ds plus 3ds card to your console.

Congratulations, the sky3ds+ now is setting up well on 3DS 11.10.0-43 handhelds.

Is Sky3ds plus the best 3ds flashcart to buy for FW 11.10.0?

Sky3ds plus 3ds flashcart should be the Best 3DS Flashcard for FW 11.10.0. In the current market of 3ds game flash carts, there are 2 major brands, one is Sky3ds team, and the other is Stargate-3ds team. They produce three 3ds flashcarts Sky3ds+, Sky3ds and Stargate 3ds. Among them, the Sky3ds+ flash cart is the Best.

When compared with Sky3ds, Sky3ds+ flash cartridge is having one more button to switch 3ds roms, is updatable with firmware, is playing more 3ds games due to its better compatibility.

When compared with Stargate 3ds, Sky3ds plus flash cart is much stable to use, nearly no bugs; is playing more 3ds games, AP check resolved; is safe to play online, with a free tool-skydock.

So to 3DS 11.10.0 Firmware, if you want to play free 3DS Games, Sky3ds+ flashcart is the Top recommended.

What you must know before purchasing Sky3ds+ flashcart to hack 3DS V11.10?

  • Sky3ds plus isn’t playing DS games, GBA games or SNES games.
  • Sky3ds+ is working with free homebrew exploit, but you should wait for them to support 3DS V11.10.
  • Sky3ds plus is the latest version of sky3ds 3ds flashcart, you should buy the 2 orange buttons not any old ones.
  • Sky3ds+ plays 3DS Games on 3DS FW directly, no need to CFW or Emunand.
  • Sky3ds plus is already ON Sale, you can spend around $70 to buy one via shipping from EU in