Common Causes of Dishwasher Leaks

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A dishwasher leak can cause many problems. If you can see the leak, then you can also see the water, but if you can’t see the issue then you could be left with a bigger problem than just a wet floor. With moisture left for any amount of time, mildew and mold can follow. If you suspect a leak, proper dishwasher leak detection is key before it turns into a bigger issue. These common causes of leaks can make dishwasher leak detection easier to spot.

Damaged or Loose Valves: With wear, hoses and connections in the dishwasher can loosen. You should check your drain hoses to make sure everything is securely connected and check to make sure your water inlet isn’t stuck, which could cause flooding. If you see cracked hoses, be sure to replace them.

Improper Alignment: A dishwasher should be level or there is a possibility that water will gather under the unit. If your dishwasher is misaligned, then place shims under the unit and keep measuring until it’s level.

Wrong Soap: Using regular dish soap in the dishwasher will lead to problems. You should only be using detergents specifically made for dishwashers. If you are rinsing your dishes with soap, then make sure that they are rinsed clean because the leftover soap on the dishes can bubble up and put force against the seal and cause it to leak.

Leaky Door: If water is directly under the door, then a leak in the door itself is likely the cause of the issue. The door latch could be loose or bent, or not properly latching. Try tightening the latch using a screwdriver to secure it. You can also install a new latch system. If water is still running out of the door, it could also be time to get a new gasket. The gasket is the rubber sealing on the door to prevent water from coming out of the dishwasher.

Dishwasher Over Filling: The dishwasher could be taking in more water than it should and not properly draining, causing a leak. It could also be issues with the drain or the float valve not sealing right.

Trouble with the Tub: If your dishwasher is older and has been run a lot, a leak could have developed due to a hole worn in the tub. Minerals and detergents can corrode the bottom of the tub, which causes water to trickle through and collect under the unit. It may be possible to fix some of the tubs, but you may need to get a new dishwasher entirely if the unit is old or it’s a severe problem.

Kitchen Sink Drain Pipes Clogged: If the drain pipes are clogged, then the dishwasher will back up and leak. This needs to be fixed before the dishwasher can be used again.