Dentist’s Message: Alcohol Harms Your Mouth

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10 ways you're damaging your teeth | Daily Mail Online

Alcohol abuse is a common growing issue in most parts of the US. While most individuals understand the risks involved in excessive use of alcohol, they may not know the negative effects on their body, including the mouth.

Having a few glasses of wine at home and drinking in bars & pubs every night might seem all right during these trouble times. Though the worldwide pandemic drinking habits are setting up serious oral health problems down the road. Some of these problems include:


  • Tooth Decay


Alcohol consumers take in a higher amount of refined carbohydrates so as to satisfy their munchies. The soft drinks and sugary fruit juice used in cocktails may result in tooth erosion.

These sugars in cocktails and existing bacteria in your mouth may combine to form acids, including glucans, levans, and dextrans. The acids may attack your tooth enamel, causing cavities. Taking too much alcohol may also result in gastric regurgitation, which is very acidic to erode your teeth’s inner surfaces.


  • Decrease Natural Saliva


Saliva helps to get rid of bacteria, sugar, and plaque to keep your gums and teeth disease free as well as healthy. Without the natural saliva, your mouth will become dry, making it simple for bacteria to survive. 

In addition, drinks, which have a high amount of alcohol, like spirits, may result in your mouth’s dryness. This is why it is necessary to always drink a lot of water while taking alcohol.


  • Cancer


People suffering from alcohol abuse have a high risk of getting throat and mouth cancer because of bacterial build-up and tissue damage. Seeing a dentist should not be the only thing you need to do after getting sober. You will also have to take care of your overall health.

According to most dentist’s opinions, taking good care of your physical body includes maintaining the health of your body’s systems and functions. This includes gums, oral health, and teeth.


  • Gum Disease


Gum disease, also regarded as periodontitis, results from bacterial development in the mouth. The bacteria in the mouth feed in sugary elements in alcohol, leading to swelling, bad breath, and bleeding, among other symptoms.

If periodontitis is not controlled, it may lead to tooth loss and loosened gum tissue. Recent research indicates that alcohol might have more far-reaching effects on general health, with gum disease playing the main role in conditions like diabetes and premature birth.


  • Teeth-Staining


Heavily colored drinks, like sangria, malts in beers, and red wine may lead to dullness and stained teeth. This also happens to individuals who mix their liquors with dark sodas. These dark drinks result in stains because of chromogens, which attach to the enamel.

To counteract this, you can drink clearer alcohol drinks that have fewer chromogens. Alternatively, you may drink water to rinse away the stain-causing chemicals.

Final Remarks!

Although certain amounts and types of alcohol may be regarded as healthy, excessive intake might not be good for your body. Alcohol has long-term and short-term effects on hormones, mouth, and blood sugar levels.

Every time you take alcohol, your teeth, mouth tissues, and gums get affected. This is why it is important to regularly visit your dentist, drink a lot of water, and take care of your oral health or hygiene.