Helpful Tips to Reduce Your Bounce Rate on Your WP Websites

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An increase in the bounce rate, damages your website rankings. However, you cannot control all the visitors that leave instantly. It doesn’t mean that you are helpless, as you can surely keep the bounce rate as low as possible. There are a few things to keep guests fascinated and engaged when they visit your site.

Tips to reduce the bounce rate

Apply WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 redirect tool is valuable for every WordPress site developer and owner, as it helps them to keep their websites fresh and competitive. It is a simple and effective plugin for 301 redirects on WordPress blog or site. You can easily redirect your traffic to another valuable page on your site.

Sometimes the content on the URL expire, or gets moved. You can redirect it seamlessly using the plugin to another valuable and relevant page. In this manner, you can avoid the dreadful 404 Page Not Found status that pushes visitors away from your website.

404s are frustrating for visitors, and they jump out of your site possibly to never return. Therefore, it is crucial to redirect them correctly. You can choose the WP 301 Redirects plugin. The plugin offers with 3 pricing package, and if you are dissatisfied, you can get a full refund within one month. The plugin helps you retain your guests, as well as enhances traffic quality visiting your site.

Offer good user experience

You should ensure proactive engagements with users landing on your pages. The page needs to have the information they came in search for. Make sure the contents and design are aesthetically pleasing. It means your site has to be user-friendly and look good. Pop-ups are a big no, the text has to be concise, and page loading has to be speedy.

Place CTA correctly

Call to action is crucial if your aim is conversion. The visitor is already engaged and needs a push to make a decision. It is necessary to get creative in formulating your CTA, and where you position them. Be transparent in your offer but a compelling manner….don‘t mislead!

In seconds, people determine whether they find the product appealing or not. If they like, they stick to the page. Therefore you need to place a compelling call to action for them to see. Alongside the CTA offer free trial or coupon. It even attracts visitors to subscribe, which can be effective for remarketing programs.

Target users planning to leave

Your effort to drive visitors paid off, but for some reason, they are leaving. Don’t give up! Many tools are available that can identify visitors’ behavior and react accordingly, when they are about to leave. Leave messages specifically targeted towards them. You can invite them for a demo program, or offer a discount. This approach allows for getting the visitors’ email address, which is useful for future remarketing.

Bloggers also need to consider the Simple Author Box plugin for their guest authors. The plugin helps to manually or automatically add a responsive author box at the top or bottom of the posts.  Use the plugin to get a well-structured authors box for WordPress blog or site. Check out the Simple Author Box premium features, on their official site.