Knowing More about Alternative Treatment

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Do you ever hear about Osteopathy? Well, this is one of the therapies which is drug-free. This therapy is performed by strengthening and improving the power of the musculoskeletal framework. The doctor who performs this therapy is called Osteopath. There are several diseases that can be treated by using this therapy such as backache, neck pain, torticollis, headache, migraine, lumbar sprain, cervical sprain, sciatica, shoulder pain, arm pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, chest pain, and others. The osteopath will take care of the patient during the therapy time. If the patient shows the unwell sign caused by the therapy, the osteopath will give other suggestions that can be chosen by patients such as laser therapy, shock wave therapy, and neurovertebral decompression. However, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the service since only the professional osteopath that will give the treatments. The osteopath has conducted some pieces of training before becomes a professional osteopath. Therefore, they will prioritize the patients when they are doing the therapy.

Well, there is another therapy that can be selected by the patient regarding the problem of their back and its related parts. You may ever hear about spinal decompression. This therapy is a non-invasive therapy. It also doesn’t require surgery in the treatment and commonly used for treating back and neck pain. And, how does it work? This therapy is performed automatically by using the computer program. The machine will stretch the spine slowly and gently. Then, it will go deep down. You don’t need to worry that the computer may break the spine. It will do slowly and reduce the pressure of disc and vertebrate. Therefore, this therapy is safe for patients. What are the diseases that can be treated by this therapy? Well, there are several diseases that can be treated by using this therapy especially related to the back and neck pain. The diseases are herniated disc and neurovertebral decompression, osteoarthritis, discounted enlargement, facet syndrome, and sciatica. Each disease has its own factor and treatment.

Do you ever hear about laser therapy? This therapy is using the laser or soft laser to penetrate the skin. The laser will influence the regeneration of the cells, relief the pain, and reduce the inflammation. This therapy is safe since there is no damage to the tissue and membrane. There are several diseases that can be treated by using the therapy with a laser such as bursitis, tendonitis, sprain, inflammation, osteoarthritis, arthritis, dislocation, ligament tears, neck pain, back pain, cramps, muscle splitting, and others. The therapy by using laser is getting more popular due to its benefits such as relieve acute and chronic pains, increase blood supply, stimulate the immune system, stimulates the nervous function, reduces inflammation, and develop collagen, promotes healing and others. You may wonder about the frequency of the treatment. Well, generally patient will take 3 – 12 times for the therapy. It will show some improvement for relieving chronic pain, reducing swelling, and loosen the stiffness.