Methods to choose the best video downloader for Mac

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The technology that we are using, asks us to update our system every now and then. Without the update, it is not possible to make your system work smoothly. In case of Mac, if you have updated your system to MacOS high Sierra, then you will realize that there are few of the applications that are installed, are not working properly. There is nothing to worry about this, as this is completely normal. You just need to review these apps now. Out of all the applications, selecting a good video downloader is not always easy. Here, we have come with a few of the downloader options that can help you in downloading the videos on your MacOS high Sierra and will deal in every aspect needed to be in a good video downloader.


If we talk about this downloader then it is complete bliss for the Mac users and one can say that this is your one-stop solution for all the video related problems. The reason for placing this application on the 1st place is that there are a lot of websites that could be accessed through this application. If you are someone who loves to do binge-watching, then this application is for you, as you can download the entire YouTube playlist. Also, if you do not like to watch the movies without the subtitles on the screen, then you have to download this application.

One of the most amazing properties of this application is that it does not let your favourite videos to get lost. You can simply bookmark all the videos that you want to save for later watch. Along with that VideoDuke has this amazing browser integration feature that allows you to do your navigation from the application only. So, it is clear that one can create a really good playlist for them, by just bookmarking their favourite videos.


Another option in the list is the downloader called Airy. This one is also quite popular among the Mac users and if you want to download videos on MacOS Sierra, then you can definitely go with this. If we talk about this application precisely, then this is dedicated for downloading videos from YouTube. You won’t find any fancy features in this downloader, but you will definitely get all those features that are needed in a good downloader. The best thing about this downloader is that it can download the whole playlist from YouTube.

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 converter

The name of this application suggests that it could download and convert the videos, just from the YouTube application, but this is not the case. You can actually use this application for downloading the videos from a lot of other sites as well. Also, this application allows you to save the audio tracks without compromising with the quality.

When your video downloader for MacOS Sierra is not working for high Sierra, you do not need to worry. Just switch to this software and your problem will be solved.