Numerous positive traits of Phenibut

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Phenibut is acknowledged as a nootropic which is used for reducing stress. It is used for boosting mood and for promoting healthy sleep. The way it interacts with the body is quite complicated but it works quite similar to alcohol. It is a key that can unlock the GABA receptors in the brain. When these receptors are unlocked, the brain responds very less to the signals of the Central Nervous System. This provides relaxation effects, pain relief, social ease, and drowsiness. This usually happens at night or when people are tired. When people take this drug, the effects are quite stronger and noticeable.

There are many devoted users who take this supplement to fight depression, nervousness, anxiety, and for reducing their social inhibitions. Some individuals take it in the evening to have a more restful sleep and to promote lucid dreaming. Individuals also take it as a substitute for alcohol because some of the effects in these two compounds are similar. There are numerous nootropic-like effects in this supplement. The effects are improving memory, focus, learning, concentration, decision-making and attention span. Even people suffering from memory problemsget positive results from this medication. The in-depth reviews on this compound are found on the internet sites such as You can continue reading reviews here for more information about this drug.

Appropriate dosages

The best thing about taking this drug is that you can use different dosages for different effects. A recommended lower dosage is around 250-350 mg to be taken twice or thrice a day. The lower dosage produces a mild mood enhancement and a feeling of calmness besides increasing sociability. A higher dosage, like 500-750 mg is taken two times a day, depending on how strong the user would want the effects to be. At the higher dosages, users get the feeling of calm sensation, mood-lift, good and healthy sleep at night.

Regardless of the effects, it is always recommended, to begin with the low dosages before moving to the larger dosages. Different users react differently to this drug, so it is always better to be safe. It is recommended not to exceed dosagesbeyond 1000 mg or 2000 mg per day. This GABA-like supplement reduces response to the signals it receives from the Central Nervous System so if you take too much it can cause low breathing rate, low heart rate, sweating, and dizziness. Tolerance builds up if this drug is taken continuously without cycling so its use should not exceed twice a week to prevent building-up of tolerance.

Taking this compound

There are multiple ways in which this supplement can be taken. The serving sizes are different for Phenibut FAA and Phenibut HC1. The former one can be taken by putting it into an empty capsule and then swallowing it with water. This prevents the users from experiencing the bitter taste. The latter one can be added to a glass of water and can be drunk. It does not have a much of a bitter chemical taste so it can be mixed with sweet juice to dominate its taste. Both are effective supplements but to gather more ideas about them continue reading reviews here at