Nutritional value and health benefits of Mango

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Mango fruit is rich in C and vitamin C helps prevent many diseases, including cancer or allergies, and helps reduce cholesterol levels, reduce hypertension or improve vision. Mango has a weight of 200 grams: 56 grams of vitamin C, which represents 60% of the daily dose of this vitamin for humans. The presence of anti-oxidant Beta-criptoxantina in Mango also helps prevent the appearance of cervical cancer in women, as demonstrated by some studies: women who have high levels of this antioxidant have less suffering with this type of cancer, so we can say that there is a lot of mangoes nutrition facts and benefits.

Mango has many carotenoids that turn into vitamins A. This vitamin, like vitamin C, has anti-oxidant properties, and in addition to vitamin C, it helps to maintain a healthy cell position. It also helps to maintain vision, hearing and prevention of many skin diseases. One mango with a weight of 200 grams: one of the most important mango nutrition facts is that The largest part of vitamin A adult needs daily through carotenoids, which make up the largest size of the yellow and oblique fruit pulp, it contains 8,000 international units of vitamin A, which represents 60% of what is required daily. The fruit containing this vitamin has a greater amount of that amount available in Mango: The yellow watermelon is a cantaloup type.

The calories in mango are also rich in Group B vitamins, especially vitamin B3 {niacin} necessary for good work of the nervous system, healthy skin and lipid metabolism, as well as vitamin B6 {pyridoxine} and its important role in the synthesis of amino acids and lipid metabolism, as well as skin health and hair balance Fluid in the body. The mango helps with insomnia, preventing cramps or muscle weakness.

Mango has good amounts of triptófano amino acid, with soothing properties. It helps, along with vitamin B, to maintain our state of tranquillity, thus contributing to a more serene sleep that makes us happier, as from this amino acid: serotonin hormone is produced and is a neurotransmitter known as the “happiness hormone” because it helps us feel better, excludes Negative thoughts, depression and all that would make us unhappy.