The Best Ways To Remove Floor Tiles

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Floor tile removal is an arduous task and one that even large flooring contractors struggle with regularly. More so when you are dealing with a large area and working on a deadline, fortunately, there are many options that you could look into to make the work much more manageable.

In this post, we go over some of the more popular ways of removing tiles from concrete flooring along with the pros and cons of each method. Such information ought to be useful in finding a strategy that works best for you.

Small hand-held floor scrapers

One of the simplest ways for stripping tiles off a concrete flooring is by using small hand-held equipment like the Storm battery powered floor scraper. Such devices are relatively easy to uses and highly maneuverable which makes them ideal for small tile removal jobs. These floor scrapers are also relatively affordable and straightforward to maintain.

Of course, small hand-held floor scrapers do have their cons one of which is that it less productive compared to its’ bigger counterparts. The use of a small device makes tile removal a laborious task and not suitable for removing old tiles.

If you wish to choose a small hand-held floor scraper, then it is essential to have realistic expectations about what you cannot do with it. In most cases, a small portable floor scraper is enough for residential use.

Walk Behind Floor Scrapers

If for any reason you think that a more powerful device is needed for a tile removal job, then a walk behind unit might be perfect for you. It is a bit more expensive than its’ handheld counterparts but brings more power to bear which makes it ideal for removing tiles across a more significant surface area. That said, not all walk behind floor scrapers exhibit the same performance so you would want to check the specifications before committing to buy one.

A walk behind floor scraper is typically twice as powerful compared to a smaller hand-held unit. As such, it has the potential to kick up more dust which can be health hazard especially if you are working in a confined area. Hence, the use of vacuum dust extractors in small spaces is mandatory when considering a more powerful device.

Ride on Floor Scrapers

The most powerful among the different types of floor scrapers on the market, a ride on unit is the most expensive but offers the highest production rate among its’ counterparts. As the name implies, these units are large enough that you can ride on them which makes the task of tile removal a lot less arduous.

A ride on floor scraper is also reasonably easy to operate and has enough power to pull the toughest tiles off concrete floors with no effort from its’ user. Hence it is an excellent way to handle a massive tile removal task on a short deadline.

In conclusion, the best way to approach a tile removal job is to consider the size and given timeframe. You can then select the right tools for the job that offers the best results.