$2.81 million set to be invested in startup and logistics industry throughout Singapore

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New initiatives coming out of the Supply Chain Asia nonprofit organization hope to invest almost $3 million into the startup and logistics industry throughout Singapore, providing necessary funding to improve the efficiency and operations of startups that have the potential to radically alter and improve the logistics world.

The Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Playground is the new name of the investment fund established by Supply Chain Asia, and already a number of investors and donors have supplied this fund with nearly $3 million to be distributed to a number of startups throughout Singapore before the end of 2018.

Recognizing Singapore as the number one hub for logistics in all of Southeast Asia, Chinese operations, Australian organizations, and Indian businesses and companies have all been contributing to the Supply Chain Asia nonprofit in an effort to better prop up the groundswell of startups that are being established in Singapore at a breakneck pace – especially those designed to revolutionize the world of logistics and more efficient transportation through one of the most important global economies right now.

By taking advantage of the Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Playground funding, startups are able to join incubator organizations and groups that provide innovative new solutions, access to advanced technology, and almost endless resources that allow them to grow and more effectively test the solutions that they are working on across a much broader scale.

On top of that, organizations that leverage this funding supplied by the Supply Chain Asia nonprofit are also able to take advantage of supply-chain expertise, client networks, and the knowledge and resources of all organizations that are already a part of this nonprofit – essentially inside information that would never have been made available to them otherwise.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Asia (and Southeast Asia in particular) is such a major driver of global commerce. The overwhelming majority of technology companies – including some of the biggest companies in the world like Apple, Google, and Amazon – all have significant investments in the infrastructure and supply-chain facilities throughout Southeast Asia.

New startups that focus on improving logistics, improving efficiency, and improving mass transportation of products, goods, and people are only going to bolster the economy throughout the Southeast Asian region while also supporting global economies around the world by lowering prices and improving profits.

Supply Chain Asia has yet to decide which of the startups they are going to begin funding before the end of 2018, but spokespeople for the organization report that there are already nearly 50 different startups that they are considering. 12 startups will be “incubated” over the next 18 months, and it is expected and anticipated that Supply Chain Asia will make it known which of the 50 different startups are going to be able to earn those coveted 12 spots before the end of 2017.

Improvements in logistics throughout this region are also expected to be shared with business partners and friendly nations of Singapore, which stands to reason that any improvements the startups are able to unveil will be implemented worldwide just as quickly as humanly possible.

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