4 Rustic Bathroom Design Trends in 2019

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With their gorgeous natural finishes, rustic bathroom designs have become on-trend yet again. With the placement of just a few key elements, you can give your bathroom a rustic vibe to last a lifetime. Here are four rustic bathroom design trends to use in your 2019, bathroom renovation project.

Wood Slab Countertops

Wood slab countertops are rustic beauty at its finest, especially when they are left with their live edge. This leaves the natural edges of the wood exposed at the front and sides of the countertop. When finished in a clear or light stain, the top surface shows the beautiful color and pattern of the wood grain.

Stone Sink Basins

Atop the wood slab countertops, you can place a stone sink basin to give your bathroom a natural look and feel.

These sinks have a rough natural finish on the outside and a smooth polish inside the sink basin. Finish with fixtures in copper or brass bring it all together.

Reclaimed Flooring

You can go one step further by replacing the vinyl or tile flooring in your bathroom with reclaimed wood.

This type of flooring gives nod to the farmhouses where it was likely originally installed. Only lightly restore the wood planks to ensure they retain their rustic charm.

Geometric Wall Sconces

When made from copper and brass, geometric wall sconces give bathrooms a wonderfully rustic feel.

These wall sconces tend to work best with bulbs that emit rich, warm tones. Add a pair at either side of your mirror to finetune the atmosphere in your rustic bathroom.

With these rustic design trends, you can create a cozy bathroom design that perfectly reflects your vision for that space. Partner with your bathroom contractor to start this project and achieve your bathroom design goals.