5 Skills for a Successful Career in Public Services

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“There’s no greater challenge and there is no greater honor than to be in public service.” Truly remarked By Condoleeza rice or who is an American diplomat, political scientist, civil servant, and professor who served as the 66th United States Secretary of State from and as the 20th United States National Security Advisor. Her saying emphasis the importance as well the prestige we get in public services.

Being a public servant presents us with a great opportunity to serve the people of our nation and offer ourselves in the service and welfare of the nation. Along with the great opportunity to contribute to the nation, we get to live a prestigious and honorable life.

For instance, we can take Karen McCleave lawyer who has dedicated her life to public service for more than 30 years, Karen Mccleave was an Assistant Crown Attorney who appeared in the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice, primarily in York Region, Dufferin and Simcoe counties.

Here are 5 skills to be a successful career in public services.

Problem-solving and critical thinking:

Public sectors need and appreciate candidates who are keen to explore and find out the root cause behind the problems. As the public sector at large is about facing and resolving the challenges which arise on a day-to-day basis. Hence candidates who can use their critical analysis skills to decode complex phenomena and offer simple as well as effective solutions for them can have great progress ahead waiting for them. Therefore, we must strive to develop this prized skill by practicing various activities such academic study or helping in running a student society or opting for being a course representative and alike of same through which we may get work experience.


Be it public service or any other any service, good communication skills can go a long way in ensuring that we find success in that area. Communication skills are paramount in building relationships with the various service users, colleagues, and collaborative partners. As there is a lot of persuading, explaining and listening involve. We can develop these skills by practicing at different forums and events and where we have to practice speaking and listening such as in group activities, seminars or perhaps we can opt for many workshops which are offered.


The ability to lead others without controlling them or ordering them around is one of the key demand which is looked in public sector managers and employees. We should be very careful while exercising our powers as a leader. Our actions Should be such that it fits within a strategic framework and help our teammates and the people in our sphere of influence in such a way that they find it logical and rational to act on your words


Like any other sector, change is inevitable in the is sector too and Public services are changing rapidly and hence we need to be flexible and resilient in this fast-moving environment. This includes our ability to bounce back from various difficulties and adopt a positive approach towards the change. Along with the same at the show also preserve ourselves and cope up with the pressure effectively. By adopting this approach our productivity will be maintained and we will be able to perform our best which in the long run will ensure our success in the long run

Decision-making Skills:

As a candidate in the public sector we are bound to take many decisions and we cannot be someone who can shy away from taking tough and bold decisions in a decisive manner. There may arise situations where we have to make the right decisions at the right time and that too under lots of pressure.

By acquiring these skills along with hard work and determination we can make great progress in public service.