5 Ways To Grow Your Second Hand Car Dealership Business

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Do you own a second hand car dealership?

Are you looking for new ways to reach more customers?

Have you tried experimenting with new techniques like Digital Marketing and Social Media?

If you feel that you can answer anyone of the above questions, then you have landed on the right article. In this article, we will help business owners who have second hand car dealerships-

  • Improve their sales
  • Increase their reach
  • Build their brand
  • Establish credibility in the market
  • Become an authority voice in the second hand car dealership market

What are some of the problems Second Hand Car Dealerships face?

Even though the second hand car industry is growing, traditional second hand car dealerships are not enjoying much success. This is because new startups around the second hand car industry are using new techniques, innovation and digital strategies to reach out to consumers. 

However, what works for tech startups can easily be adopted by old businesses who operate second hand car dealerships. The biggest problems that these traditional businesses face is that they are unable to make the transition from traditional marketing and advertising to modern millennial directed marketing and advertising. 

Maintaining large inventories, untrained staff, low levels of customer experiences are some of the major problems. Potential consumers do not like flyers, which are printed on paper. They reject them as deforestation (paper) and waste (burning of which causes global warming). 

In the following section, we will look at five ways in which, second hand car dealerships can grow their business. 

5 ways to grow Second Hand Car Dealership business

  1. Use Social Media to promote your Product and Services-

It is critical that every business has some form of presence on social media platforms. Car dealerships can showcase their inventory (cars) and also mention the features, specifications and prices of the same. Businesses can start their social media experiment by using a couple of platforms at the beginning like Facebook and Instagram. 

  1. Set up a Google My Business (GMB) Page-

For car dealerships who want to increase local footfalls, GMB is the best way to ensure that. By maintaining an active and vibrant GMB page with reviews, images and offer posts, customers would be encouraged to call in or visit the dealership directly. GMB is like social media for physical businesses. 

  1. Try new innovations like Ringless Voicemails-

Everyone wants to be notified of the latest offers, discounts and other benefits. However, they want to do it at a time of their convenience. Ringless voicemail car dealerships helps businesses convey messages from the brand to customers, which they can then listen to at a time of their convenience. The non-obtrusive nature of ringless voicemails is its best quality. 

  1. Set up a basic One-Page Website-

Having a presence on search engines like Google is an absolute necessity. If you do not want to invest in a complete website, at least create a one-page scroll down website for consumers to find you. Businesses who have websites are found to be more trustworthy and credible that businesses, which do not. 

  1. Use Collaborations with Local Influencers to improve branding and reach-

Every community has a mini celeb. It can be either a local musician or an upcoming sports star. It is important for businesses to align with them and ask them to promote the business. This is an effective way of reaching out to the audience and becoming famous in the process. If you do not want money to be involved, you can always strike a barter deal with the influencers. 


By using the above-mentioned innovative strategies, second hand car dealerships can improve their chances of growing their business. Every business, regardless of the industry niche, should look to adopt as many digital techniques as possible. 

Do you think traditional models of advertising and marketing still work for car dealerships? Let us know in the comments section below.