A Guide To Buying IP Video Cameras

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Are you interested in buying an IP camera recently? If yes, this guide is for you to end up with a sound selection. IP cameras provide a higher resolution- as much as 5MP along with super reliable video image. There are numerous options available when the question of selecting the best IP video camera comes to play. Keep reading this article to learn more about how to find out the best IP camera for your use at the same time remaining within your budget.

Essential Factors In Selecting The Best IP Camera

The most important factor to be considered when choosing an IP Camera is as follow-

  •    Main Field of View
  •    The Location
  •    Lighting condition during the night
  •    The resolution range required
  •    Form and Aesthetics needed

IP cameras provide better monitoring and management of the video security system with their high resolution as compared to the analogue cameras used previously. High resolution stands for enhanced clarity and minute details in camera views along with the capability to zoom into the critical areas- that too with enough wider view – as much as 90 degrees.

Here is a detail on the factors you need to consider when selecting and mounting the IP Camera:

  •    Location– Outdoor cameras come within a well-designed weather proof cover helping the same to easily withstand the moisture and the temperatures of the outer environment. Both bullet style and dome style cameras are in use in the outdoor areas and also for home security. Indoor cameras on the other hand are lighter, smaller and also not weatherproof. Both these cameras come with infrared night view capabilities too.
  •    Mounting Location– Where to mount the camera is decided by the optimal view available from the camera. And the second is the ability to access cables to this location along with maintaining the security of the camera. The cameras can get stolen too and also you can easily find access to them if they are not placed in the right location.
  •    Camera selection– The selection of IP camera depends on a number of factors- the form factor along with the camera shape. Bullet shaped or the dome-shaped cameras are mostly in use these days and they come with almost the same video and lens compression circuitry. The bullet-shaped cameras come with Longer IR length measuring even till 400feet.
  •    Camera resolution– Camera resolution stands for the pixel size of the screen that is being recorded. More the resolution, more detailed and clear image is something you are going to get. More pixels or more data stands for more detailed and accurate image being recorded.
  •    Camera Lens– The camera lens is already build-in in bullet and dome style camera. The lens happens to be fixed Varifocal or Auto Varifocal with PTZ manual with respect to Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera.

Final Words

So, when you are selecting IP Camera, do keep these factors into concern to land up with the right choice without fail.