Common Diseases For French Bulldog

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When you bring home that cute little puppy home, you know that you are bringing a baby who needs your constant attention. The Frenchie dog needs special attention every day and in whatever they do or eat. Starting from their food intakes, to their regular baths, everything needs special care and veterinary supervision. They are sensitive to any kind of weather be it hot or cold, or any kind of allergies, this makes them a high maintenance dog. Even though you leave no leaf unturned in taking the best care of them, yet they can easily fall sick if your attention gets divided even for a second.

Some of the common diseases that French bulldog suffers from are:

  • Brachycephalic respiratory syndrome

The flat face that Frenchies have has attracted many dog lovers. But, they pay a cost for having the most adorable and attractive face in the world. The structure of their face is the main reason behind them snorting or snoring. At times, this flat face can also lead to breathing problems. This problem in breathing is called a brachycephalic respiratory syndrome. The conditions are extended soft palate, stenotic nares, and everted laryngeal saccule.

  • Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is an infection where the eye turns red or pinkish because of a rash in the tissues of the eye. The symptoms are red eyes, swollen eyelids, squinting, or water release from the eyes. There are several causes that lead to conjunctivitis in Frenchie and the treatment differs with each cause. In case the cause of the infection is some kind of bacteria, a medicated ointment is prescribed but if it is due to food allergy, the vet will ask you to eliminate certain food items from your Frenchies diet. In extreme cases, it can be a cause of cancer, in which the dog needs surgical treatment.

  • Heatstroke

Another most common disease that they face is heatstroke. Frenchies can neither take cold weather nor hot weather. In hot weather, the heat makes their body lose a lot of water and that causes heat stress which needs immediate attention, or else it might change into heatstroke. They need a shady and cool place all the time. Make sure that their water intake is increased in summers and they get a good bath regularly. If symptoms like excessive panting, signs of distress, seizures, spitting up, diarrhea, blue or bright red gums are found in French bulldog, they need immediate veterinary attention.