Common household insects, their characteristics and methods of prevention

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Insects are defined as those organisms that fall within the division of arthropods, but are the most common and widespread in them, and at the same time are the most relevant to the person, and here is the danger and inconvenience, in view of the resulting losses of food stocks and furniture and holdings and threaten his health, Here we have prepared a comprehensive guide to the most common types of house insects, which are intended to identify them, and the basic recommendations for prevention.


Flies are among the most ecologically diverse ranks among the currently living organisms since they have more than 160,000 species, making them represent more than 10% of all the organisms on Earth, and many species of flies are linked to the rings, with water or at least humid environments, However, some species have also invaded drier parts of the world. Although most species of flies feed on degraded plants and animals, many species are classified as predators fed on fungus and parasites, or on the sucking of animal and human blood, Or that flies are generally responsible for moving the order And causing millions of deaths annually.

Ants of the most common types of house insects:

It is a very common social insect. It is also one of the most abundant species on Earth, numbering more than 10,000 species, living mainly in soils and many other species living in rotting wood or trees. Ants invade houses and food stores In search of water and food, some have a painful bite and the most peaceful for humans, among the most important types of ants:

1 Domestic antiseptic, also called odor, because of its secret smell distinctive way of communication between its members to regulate their movement.

2 Small Black Ants.

3 Ants Digger.

4 Termites.


If you ask most people what is the most insidious type of home insects for you will be mostly answer: It is cockroaches, those ancient insects introduced the planet, which mastered all the arts of adaptation, spread in all environments, laying eggs in solid wallets like capsule is a factor The success of its proliferation and proliferation in large numbers, producing sensitive proteins and asthma, in addition to the serious diseases that carry on their bodies and reduce them to humans through contact with food and various purposes, and these types of cockroaches most common and prosperous homes:

1 The German cockroach The German cockroach, one of the most famous types of pests all over the world, is small in size, light brown and unlike the name originated in Africa.

2 brown cockroach The brown-banded cockroach, which is close to German palaces, is common in buildings and houses.

3 American cockroach The American cockroach, a large size, brownish reddish, lighter than other species.

4 The Oriental Cockroach The Oriental cockroach is large in color, ranging from dark brown to black, with short wings (especially in females), mainly in the lower floors and other cold areas where darkness and humidity are present.


Although it is a fine insect but is widespread in its location, it is similar to the transmission from one place to another. It is difficult to control a bed bugs insect by the usual means, which feed on host blood, whether human, animal or bird, especially during sleep , An average length of 1.5 mm but may sometimes reach 9 mm. , Is based, of course, on the source of food near the human family, clothing and furnishings, as well as the dead skin cells left by the human on his bed or in his clothes.

The White Termite :

Other small insects are so deadly that they can destroy entire houses. Their nests are on wood, including furniture, floors, leaves, textiles, etc. The tiny termite insect is made up of three sections, with six legs, To the wet areas of the soil they need moisture to survive, evidenced by the wings that leave them on the outskirts of colonies as well as the small mud tracks that make them.

Means for disposal and disinfection of house insects:

I will not talk here about complicated scientific methods or the names of deadly pesticides, but it will be talking about one of the simplest and most important ways to eliminate domestic insects and prevent their spread, namely, removal of the causative, and to understand the purpose of this you have to look at your home to find out how many temptations that attract insects to find Including the following:

Drainage outlets without cover.

Garbage containers exposed inside and outside a house.

Unobstructed door sills and bare-wire windows.

Water stains in the bathroom, kitchen, leaking water and stagnant water ponds in the garden.

The exposed food and the unclean floors are scattered with food crumbs.

Piles of mess in the rooms of your home and neglect cleaning the bottom of the family and behind the cupboards.

The neglected garden of the house, the grass that they cover, the rampant weeds and the piles of firewood.

Pet foods that are left exposed.

In short, you should never think of using any of the means of control before you eliminate all the bugs in your home.


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