Complete Your Room Decor with These Computer Table Designs

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Gone are those days when the computer was only used in offices and schools. As per data research done by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), by the end of 2019, 49.7 % of households worldwide owned a computer, whereas 57.0 % of them had internet access. This data shows the need for a computer desk.

Any room decor is incomplete without a computer table, then be it for you bringing home office work or for your kids studying in school. Irrespective of the mobility of a laptop, working is always comfortable on a proper computer table. Without a desk, you might end up having back or neck issues due to improper posture. Thanks to the modern decor, you no longer have to sit across a boring desk and yawn as you work. You can now own a study table that not only serves you with the purpose but is also visually appealing.

Want to buy a desk but unsure of what design to buy? Are too many options confusing you? Well! Don’t worry; we have you covered with some of the best computer table designs available online:

Sailor Computer Desk:

Classy is the word that comes to mind for this Sailor table. With elegant look all dressed in white and some hints of red and blue, this table is a perfect example of ingenious design. One of our favorite picks, it is a corner table with place for more than just your computer. There are 3 bottom drawers and 3 rows of shelves at the top for storage. You have been provided with ample space for installing your desktop or keeping your laptop along with some writing space. This table also has a dedicated space for keyboard and CPU storage. What makes this table outstanding? Everything! The design, color, and functionality make it a complete package that is ideal for any modern or contemporary room for adults and kids alike.

Venus Vento Study Table:

If you’re looking to adorn your bedroom with a multipurpose study table, then this is it. Venus Vento is an absolute combination of storage and a laptop desk. Designed with keeping in mind a traditional or mid-century decor style, this table features walnut finish. Out of the 4 enclosed shelves, one opens up to become a desk. You can use it for writing purposes or placing your laptop. These shelves are big enough to accommodate all your work or study essentials from books to bags. There are also 2 small open shelves on top, which you can use to keep your books or decor objects.

Flicker Study Table:

What appears to be a cabinet at first look, is actually a study table. This free-standing, tall table features a matte walnut finish. The curvy design gives it a modish touch. It has 4 rows of shelves with 2 being closed ones. Out of the 2 enclosed shelves, one opens up into a desk. You can place your laptop on it and work comfortably. Moreover, you can store books, files, and other stationery within the shelves.

Comfold Corner Desk Computer Table:

Now, this is what we call a modern study table design. This clean white-colored desk is perfectly suitable for any modern, western, or contemporary decor. The table comes attached with a corner book rack. You can place your books or any decor objects to bedeck the room. There is ample open space beneath the table where you can set the CPU. The spacious table gives you the freedom to place it against the wall so that you can have a pinboard attached above it. Studying or working would surely be fun and smart with this table.

Castle Study Table:

One of the best study table for kids, it is undoubtedly going to be their favorite. Just like its name, the table features a castle-like design apt for kids’ room decor. It comes with 5 open shelves, 5 drawers, and 2 closed shelves. The open desk can accommodate a computer easily inside the cubicle shelf, providing you space for writing as well. Moreover, there is a foot stand where your kid can rest his/her leg comfortably. This bookshelf table is a complete package of storage plus desk. Therefore, you don’t need to have a separate cabinet, thus saving space.

It’s Time to Choose!

With such beautiful designs to choose from, picking one definitely becomes a little difficult. However, to avoid any confusion, you can fix your budget, look for relevant designs, compare, and then buy. If you are okay with stretching a bit for the design, there’s no looking back, go ahead and take it, as it will be a long-term investment.