Durable and Versatile Epoxy Floor Coating

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If you are looking for a strong, long-lasting flooring material, consider epoxy floor coating. It is a great choice for garages, basements and commercial and industrial spaces. Epoxy floors are easy to apply, durable and can be colored to match the space. These long wearing floor treatments need very little maintenance–only occasional mopping–and protect the concrete floors underneath. 

A Strong Option

Epoxy floor coating is a good choice for high traffic environments or places that see regular spills or fluid leaks. Epoxy is brushed onto surfaces, usually cement, and will resist moisture and stains. Spills can be cleaned up easily, and this type of coating also provides a firm footing when the floor is wet. Epoxy can also fill in small cracks and create a smooth and even floor. These floors hold up for years and the epoxy does not have to be reapplied very often. Unlike vinyl flooring, there is not cutting or measuring needed with epoxy.


Epoxy coatings can be used in all kinds of settings. They are useful for garages, kitchens and basements to provide an attractive and water-proof surface. If a pan boils over on the stove, the water won’t ruin the floor. Oil drips in a garage are easily cleaned. They work very well in warehouses, big box stores and other commercial spaces where a long-lasting floor coating is necessary. Epoxy even stands up to forklifts, front end loaders and other warehouse machinery. These floors also look great in modern, industrial lofts and living spaces where concrete floors are common.


These floor coatings are easy to apply and can be tinted to match a building’s color scheme. Tiny stone chips can be embedded in the flooring when it is applied to give an attractive color, texture or pattern to the floor. Use different type of stones, such as mica or crushed granite, to add sparkle to an area. This technique can be used to create paths and walkways or delineate different sections of a space. The shiny surface also looks nice and reflects light, which helps brighten a space.

Epoxy floor coatings will protect floors in busy areas and keep them looking great for years. They are safe and resist water and oil spills. They can be tinted a variety of colors and stones and minerals can be used to make attractive patterns on the floor. Choose epoxy to create a beautiful, colorful, durable floor for a high traffic area.