Dwight Global Online School – The Miracle of Online Teaching

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In today’s fast paced world, students with high ambitions often have a difficult time maintaining their schedule while focusing on their studies. This is especially magnified in case of students who are gifted in practices which have tournaments, rehearsals, training, workshops or performance, making it especially tough for them to maintain a healthy education.

Preparatory school may provide some relief, partly due to the lower number of hours the education demands, and partly due to the lower number of students rigorously involved in such activities. For the high school students who want an intimate, high-quality, rigorous educational experience, Dwight’s online high school program is one of the best in the world. Their complex scheduling makes them attending school almost impossible. These students include:

  • Dancers
  • Serious Athletes
  • Actors
  • Some other professions

Dwight Global Online School’s online high school program is a particularly interesting prospect as it allows its students to attend classes wherever they want. It doesn’t make attending a campus daily necessary, and fixates on the ideal solution: online education. The students can shift their classes around their prior commitments and study easily. They can practice their heart out for their respective interests without having to miss their daily classes.

Dwight Global Online School is a part of Dwight School, having campuses in New York, Dubai, Seoul, London and Shanghai. It allows its students to have residential classes, available at any of their global physical campuses. This allows its students to enjoy a healthy mix of residential and online learning, ensuring they have hands-on learning and associating with their teachers and fellow students. Being expensive and highly selective, its online classes are rigorous and compact. The highest courses it offers are priced at $39,900 a year for tuition fees, and it holds an average graduation rate of 100%, clearly the best a school can get. Dwight is the future of online education, and already one of the best in the business.