Engagement Ring Trends in 2018

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While vintage-inspired and diamond engagement rings will never really lose their appeal, some new exciting designs are hitting the market. Today, more people are opting for custom engagement rings as a way of expressing their personality. Here are some of the latest engagement ring trends in 2018: –
1. Colored gemstones
Gemstones with a pop of color are slowly gaining popularity over the classic diamond engagement ring. These colored gemstones include sapphires which are the most popular, yellow diamonds for a classy and unique touch, rubies, and emeralds. Colored gemstones are preferred as they usually hold a deeper meaning depending on the type of gemstone and its color. For instance, a blue sapphire engagement ring symbolizes honesty and faithfulness. It is also perceived to be full of sweet and ancient romance
2. Three stone engagement rings
The three stones in this type of ring are alleged to represent the past, present, and the future. The main center stone which is usually larger is flanked by two smaller side stones creating a unique design and sparkle. This trend has fast gained popularity thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan.
3. Open band design
This design allows you to run wild with numerous customization designs available to you. Whether you want to stick to colored gemstones, diamonds, or both, it all depends on your preferred style.
4. Oval cut diamonds
The oval cut ring is especially stunning when combined with a thin band. If you love vintage, look out for an oval cut diamond paired with rose gold. This creates a modern twist that is ideal for everyday wear.
5. Cushion cut stones
While in the past round cut stones were the most preferred, uniquely cut stones are fast gaining popularity, with the cushion cut being the most popular. Not only does it create a classic look but is the best choice if you prefer something unique, but you don’t want to stray far from tradition.
6. Stackable rings
This comes out particularly chic when you pair two or more rings with one having a dainty band. You can vary the way in which you stack them and styles depending on the occasion and your wear. You can stack different bands that represent different milestones.
7. East-West setting ring
While such rings are not entirely new, various upcoming designs and styles are making them popular. As opposed to the past where emeralds were used on this kind of ring, diamonds and other gemstones are also being used.

Whichever your desired design, you are bound to find something that’s unique especially as there are numerous shades and styles of custom engagement rings. As this is something that will last a lifetime and you will probably pass it on, get something that you adore.