Getting Older? You Can Still Have A Good Quality Of Life

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When asked if they would like to live to a ripe old age most people say yes with the proviso that they stay in good health. Keeping healthy as we age is one of the most important factors to living a good quality life, but, unfortunately with age comes the tendency to start to suffer from various illnesses and other medical conditions.

Understandably people are concerned that if their health deteriorates as they get older then their quality of life will not be as good as it might otherwise have been.  

So what can you do to make it more likely your later years will be good quality ones? Is there anything within your control? Of course, not everything in life is within our control – there is evidence to suggest that there is nothing we can do about certain genetic factors but there are still some ways that we can all help ourselves to stay fitter and healthier.

Take Care Of Your Health

There are some simple changes we can all make in our lives to make us healthier but we have to have the right mindset and some determination to see them through because many of us have bad health habits ingrained over our whole lifetimes and they aren’t always easy to change.

Our diet is clearly one of the most important aspects of being healthy – what you eat has a direct influence on health and well-being.

But exercise, fresh air and mobility are also important – think about what you would recommend for a young child to stay healthy and it is pretty much the same things for older people – it’s just that we are not quite as active and flexible!

Poor diet and lack of exercise are not just bad for our bodies but also for our minds so to keep depression and other mental illnesses at bay good diet and exercise are just as important; especially as more than a quarter of people over the age of 65 suffer from depression.

Get The Right Care

If and when you do need help later in life it is still possible to have a good quality of life if you choose the right type of care. This usually means care in your own home as the vast majority of people don’t want to leave their home and go into residential care. Fortunately, live-in care or homecare services provided by a live in care agency can provide professional care within your own home. That way you can stay in familiar surroundings with your treasured possessions and family memories but still receive the care you need. In fact this type of live-in care has been shown to be much better for health and well-being, in part because there is so much more one-to-one time when you have a carer dedicated to your needs rather than someone who is rushing from one client to the next in a residential care home with limited time to do their job properly.