Everything to Know About Cabinet Refacing 

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Traditionally, the kitchen was just a space to prepare your daily meals with limited tools. However, today, kitchens are equipped with super machines. Moreover, today’s generation is more concerned about the kitchen’s aesthetics. Thus, whenever there is a remodeling of the house in general, kitchen cabinets are also changed to match the new design and style of the home.

So currently, the market for kitchen cabinets is more than 9 billion dollars in the USA, of which North Carolina has a significant share. And unfortunately, people have forgotten about the availability of cabinet refacing in Winston-Salem, NC. So read further to know everything about cabinet refacing:

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing refers to the replacement of cabinets’ topmost layer with brand new veneer according to one’s tastes and preferences. And along with the top layer, hinges, handles, and drawer pulls are also changed to give a completely new look.

When Do You Need Cabinet Refacing?

When you are tired and bored just by the looks of the cabinets, you do not have to replace the cabinet but reface it instead. It is insane to see a few demolish and replace a well-serving kitchen cabinet just because it is not in their favorite shade or color. Besides, you can obtain more benefits by refacing instead of remodeling at a comparatively low cost.

Meanwhile, you have to understand that when you observe that the kitchen cabinets are not functionally efficient, you can go for remodeling. On the contrary, when you are just not happy about the color or design and the problem is only over the top layer and the handles, you can choose to reface and save tons of money.

How Does Refacing Work? 

Several firms are now specialized in providing the service of cabinet refacing in Winston-Salem, NC. As such, there are more than a thousand refacing service providers in North Carolina for you to choose from.


Older cabinets can be either solid or sturdy and are fair enough to use, while some are very old and fall apart as pieces. So, only the former can be refaced, and the latter can be given a shot after evaluation. And the essential points are given below:

  • The cabinet box has to be solid.
  • The top layer has to be smooth for the new veneer to stick correctly.
  • Face frames should be made of solid hardwood.
  • Internal hardware must be suitable in shape and function.

Also, if there is a lack of space and you face difficulty in storage in your kitchen, it is better to refuse to reface.


On average, a professional will take three days to reface your kitchen cabinets and, sometimes, an extra day, depending upon the size of your kitchen. Typically, hardware, including the doors and drawer fronts, will be removed on the first day. The veneer and cleaning process will begin on the second day. The next day, the veneer and the cleaning process will be completed, and hinges will be replaced if rusted or reused when found in good quality.

Finally, the veneer will be finished with wood veneers or laminated and new doors, and drawer fronts will be installed. Embellishments can also be made with a wide variety of designs like crown molding, panels made of wood, glass, metals, steel, and other storage accessories.

Thus, these are the most required information to know about cabinet refacing. An organized kitchen is crucial for a quick and hassle-free booking process. Moreover, it can also make the space safer and eliminate avoidable accidents.