Exploring Social Media Tools from NetBase

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NetBase is one of the top providers of social media tools and related services to companies and brands who want to enhance their digital presence and stay on top of customer engagement throughout all of the major social media platforms. In the guide below, NetBase explores some of the social media tools that are available to clients and can be customized depending on their specific needs. Given that NetBase works with such a wide range of clients across many different industries, companies can find a variety of helpful tips in this article to understand what social media services could make a difference in their social media marketing strategies and campaigns.

What are Social Media Tools?

These services allow companies to monitor their social media activity and determine how well their social media strategies are performing in terms of their target audience. They also provide insight into the type of influencers that a company’s target customers may pay attention to and can help companies identify what types of interactions are most effective in conveying a positive image for their consumers.

Why are They Necessary for Companies with an Online Presence?

These tools are becoming more and more important as companies rely on online sales and marketing strategies as part of their sales and marketing plans. Consumer interactions online can change quickly and can be almost impossible to monitor without the assistance of an efficient monitoring service or dedicated consultant. It can be expensive to keep an employee on payroll to constantly perform this task and often makes much more sense to outsource it to an analytics company, such as NetBase.

Another important role that social media tools play in protecting a company’s digital image is that they can alert brands as to potentially fake and harmful profiles that can confuse the public about the actual brand and message of a company. Effective tools are able to detect fake social media profiles of brands and help companies take the initial steps to have them removed before they can cause serious damage to a brand’s image.

How Can a Company Boost Sales by Using Social Media Tools?

One of the most valuable forms of insight that these services can provide is alerting companies as to which social media strategies have been most successful in promoting their brands. This requires more insight than simply tallying up the total number of likes or shares on a post. These tools go a step further in showing a company what forms of customer engagement actually resulted in a boost to sales.

While some social media analytic companies simply present a list of data points to their clients and leave it up to them to decipher into measurable insight, NetBase takes their social media analysis service a step further in explaining the results of their review and analysis in a way that makes sense to their clients. This means that clients can focus their time and resources into implementing positive solutions rather than trying to distill the data from a social media campaign review.

Using NetBase for Your Social Media Review

NetBase remains the top choice for companies looking to invest smartly in social media analysis because of its attention to detail and dedication to excellent customer services. It retains its top clients for years because of the value that it consistently adds to their social media marketing campaigns and the revenue boost to their clients’ bottom line.