Fake Hair, Don’t Care: Your Guide to Purchasing Clip In Extensions

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Various types of clip-in extensions, like human hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions, and novelty extensions, give women the chance to experiment with different styles and colours without having to invest large amounts of time and money.

Human Hair Extensions

Extensions that are made of 100 percent human hair are the highest quality extensions and the most expensive. The benefits of human hair clip — in extensions is that they can be styled and brushed similarly to the buyer’s natural hair. You can style clip-ins either before or after they have been attached to the hair. Human hair extensions come with extra-secure clips so that the pieces will stay in place even if being tugged at while styling.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair clip in extensions is a cheaper alternative to the human hair clip-ins. However, synthetic extensions tend to look fake, but they can still be used in many creative ways. Because they are more cost-effective than human hair clip-ins, individuals can do more experimenting with different colours and styles.

Hair Extensions for Subtle Hair Enhancements

Small changes to the hair can look great for working, going out, or any other occasion that makes the wearer want to try something different. Most notably, clip-ins for highlights and bangs can slightly update hairstyles without changing them too much.

Clip-Ins to Highlight Hair

Sometimes, women just want to enhance their hair colour with highlights slightly. Rather than going to a hair stylist, they can simply just add a few clip-in hair extensions to freshen up their looks. Plus, they can take out their clip-in highlights whenever they want, a process that is much more convenient than it is with truly dyed or bleached highlights.

A buyer can purchase one or two clip-ins that will frame her face or multiple clip-ins that she can place throughout her hair. The key to highlights is picking a colour that suits the colour of the rest of the hair but is not too similar. If the extension is also similar, it will not be noticed at all.

Clip-Ins to Add Volume to the Hair

To change the texture of the hair, women can use clip-ins in combination with styling tools to make their natural hair wavier or curlier with extra body. Those who want to achieve this look must find volumising or layered clip-ins. Unlike the sometimes narrow clip-ins for lengthening hair, volumising hair extensions are always quite wide. This allows for easy and even placement of a single layer that will thicken hair. After styling the hair, the buyer can then attach the clip halfway down the back of the head, underneath the top layer of natural hair.


Clip-ins can be used to create diverse effects with varying degrees of intensity. Subtle additions like highlights and bangs can be accomplished in minutes, and dramatic makeovers involving lengthening or thickening the hair can be achieved just as easily. For more information on high-quality clip-in extensions visit https://ehhairextensions.com.au/clip-in-extensions/.