Perfect Watches for Men

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A watch can complete your whole look; it can make you more elegant. It is an accessory that defines your personality, it makes your sense of style more visible to the rest of the world. You can wear a watch at any event if it’s a casual lunch or a business meeting; your watch will make a good impression on everyone. Those days are gone when just a leather watch was the only style, nowadays there is a wide range of different styles of watches. They are a part of your style that makes a very good impression. It shows everyone what kind of style you like and what are your preferences.

A good quality watch is a style statement in itself. You don’t want your watch to stop working or worse break. Always buy a premium quality watch as it will accompany you in the long run. Make sure your watch doesn’t cause you an itch and that your skin is not getting red by the material of the watch. Some of the different styles of watches is briefly described below, take a look:

  1. Titanium Watches

A titanium watch is much like a stainless steel watch look-wise. It is much stronger than a stainless steel watch and is much lighter on your wrist. It may look similar to a standard steel watch but there is a lot going on. It is made with superior technology that is scratch free. The titanium makes it 45% stronger and 30% lighter than a stainless steel watch. Use Urban Icon offer code to buy premium quality watches at an affordable price.

  1. Hybrid Watches

A hybrid watch gives you a traditional look of a standard wristwatch. But it has a sub-dial in it, this additional dial can track your heart rate and speed. It is not as improved as a smart watch but the sub-dial can show calls and notifications too. It gives you a much classier look, it has great battery life. It also has an integrated GPS to track your stress level. For a hybrid watch that’s a lot of features.

  1. Stainless Steel Watches

A stainless steel watch holds a great value not just because of the materials that are used in the watch making but also because of the way it looks. It gives your wrist a much classier look than any watch. A good quality watch is made from 90% of stainless steel so that it does not turn rustic. A premium quality watch is made from a special type of steel; 316L which is especially used to make watches like Rolex.

  1. Digital Watches

A digital watch is a staple fashion of the 80s. It displays time in digits, it is made from a leather strap. They are generally less expensive than any other watch, they also have a calendar and stop-watch features in it too. Some people find them similar to analog watches, they are also solar powered. Most the men have owned these digital watches but as of late they are not seen worn by many. But there is always a good time to bring back the vintage.