Five Tips for Buying the Best Quilt Cover Sets

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A suitable quilt cover will not only protect your quilt but also in addition you can beautify your bedroom. Most quilts that you see are usually available in just white colour but you can get little creative and add few colours too.

As an example, in case you want some decoration for your bed, then you can buy quilt cover sets in variety of colours and designs. The following are few tips which can help you to purchase a good quality quilt cover set for your jersey bedding very easily.

  1. Size

The size of your quilt cover will be strictly based on the actual size of your quilt and also the bed. It is important for you to know as a prospective buyer, the right size of the bed before you go for buying your quilt cover set.

We recommend that you must first measure your actual bed size before you leave for the market to buy.

  1. Choose of right design

You will find quilt cover sets in many different designs. The price of the quilt cover sets too may vary significantly based on your chosen design as per the decor of your bedroom.

Mostly in the market, you will find that majority of quilt covers will feature a one unique piece of cloth design. Also, you may find many covers having lots of fabric pieces that are patched together.

As far as cost is concerned, the multi-fabric designs will cost much more as compared to certain single fabric design.

Therefore, if you cannot easily afford spending plenty of money then prefers to go for certain simple design. In case, its design is much complicated then the cover set will certainly be going to be expensive.

However, your price may also depend on number of other factors, e.g. material, brand etc.

  1. Choose the proper material

Besides the design and size, material is also another important factor which can affect the price. Some of the common materials which are used for making of quilt covers may include cotton blends, silk, flannel, synthetic and cotton materials.

Before making your purchase, it is better that you must know the real qualities of each of the material.

Among the most used materials, cotton is one of them. Then the name of cotton blends may be taken. As far as price is concerned, cotton covers are inexpensive and lightweight.

You can however prefer wool or flannel covers for added warmth. Silk or satin covers can be a great choice for elegance.

  1. Other features

Few other features regarding quilt covers which make it easier to do the maintenance and cleaning work can also be quite important. Make sure that you go for such covers that can easily be washed by using washing machine and also can be dried by using its dryer.

Further you must look for the quality of colour. The colours of your cover should not fade because of repeated washings. Normally, all these features are written on the label.

In case the label does not say much about it, then you may ask either the seller or his staff.

  1. Consider the purpose

Depending upon which part of the world are you living, select the proper cover sets. As an example, if you are living in the tropical countries, prefer to go for breathable and thin quilt cover sets.

Normally, the covers must not let any dust particles to go into the quilt. In case, you are allergic to dust, then buy hypoallergenic cover for quilt. As far as cleaning ease is concerned, fabrics, e.g. pure cotton, cotton blends and polyester can all be good choice.