Four Trends Affecting the Future of Online Video Gaming

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According to Newzoo, the global gaming market spent $134.9 billion in 2018 and that number is only expected to increase in size. There isn’t any question that the gaming space is getting larger by the minute. Even Las Vegas has already incorporated eSports games at many of its top properties. And, as a result, many developers have also been changing the methods for enhancing customer engagement.

For example, customers have become used to spending money via in-game purchases – and don’t seem to mind. In some cases, online gaming costs less than paying for cable or going to the movies. With 2020 on the horizon, here are the four trends affecting the future of online video gaming.

Improved Connectivity through Blockchain

Many gamers are already accustomed to the cross-device, online gaming experience. It’s an appreciated convenience to pick up a game, on any device, from anywhere. Now, kick this up a notch with Blockchain technology. Through Blockchain, gamers can experience connectivity amongst digital worlds.

In addition, gamers can use cryptocurrency for in-app purchases as well as the ability to store their crypto items within the online games. With this type of connectivity, developers can continue to diversify their customer base and attract a wider range of consumers to play their games.

More Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is on the rise, and it will only get more advanced. Let’s face it, who isn’t into virtual reality right now? Most avid gamers already play VR games regularly. The suspension of belief, leading the gamer to believe the virtual environment is real – is an absolute winner for modern day gamers.

For someone who spends hours a day playing online games, the opportunity to lose themselves in another world is often a welcome one. While VR is not yet mainstream, it is only a matter of time. The major gaming providers already have VR headsets and games that can integrate well with others.

Increased Personalization

When games become an extension of the gamer, then things start to get truly fantastic. We live in a consumer-driven market place. It only makes sense that the future of online gaming will focus on more personalization. As it stands now, many gamers buy specialized equipment like specific PS4 headsets to go with their specific console in order to enhance the gaming experience.

Through customer input, and behavioral psychology, developers can create customizable games available cross-platform. Many find online gaming to be a form of stress relief. What better way to market the experience, than to offer personalized versions?

Turn Any Device Into Your Personal Gaming Console

The world of online gaming has come a very long way. Around 10 years ago, you had to own a brand-name console if you were serious about gaming. But, gaming technologies have evolved since then. Now, all you need is an Internet-connected device which will become completely capable of playing online games.

If you search in any app store, you’ll see many popular console games are now available to play on your smartphone. You can also download some of these games via the Google Chrome browser.

Final Thought

As you can see, the world of online gaming is always moving forward. The next generation of gaming is coming to the forefront right now. As a result, it’s not a surprise that online gaming is a billion-dollar industry. And, many times, consumer behavior is the driver behind gaming innovation. So, gamers really are in control here. It appears when it comes to the future of online gaming – the sky really is the limit.