How Long Does the Cremation Process Take?

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Are you interested in opting for a cremation instead of a traditional burial and wondering how long the process will take? Well, that depends; the cremation process is much more than just the incinerating the body of the deceased.  Are you merely referring to the act of cremating a body or the full cremation process from beginning to end?

The cremation process – before and after

After the chamber is entirely heated, it usually takes one to three hours to cremate a body of average size. However, even this differs. Lots of people assume it is because of the size of the body; however bone density likewise is a huge component.

Factors that affect cremation time consist of bone density, weight, fat and muscle density and specifications of the cremation equipment. Most modern cremation equipment is highly efficient and significantly decreases the amount of time needed.

One must also consider what needs to happen before and after the cremation process. The body is prepared by getting rid of pacemakers, which can take off in the heat, prostheses, and other medical structures or devices. After completely stripping the body of the latter, it is then moved to a cooling chamber. The bone fragments are processed and reduced to little particles.

The length of the full cremation procedure is much more variable, mostly due to state and regional policies. Written and signed permissions need to be prepared before you even discuss the matter with a service provider for direct cremation near you.

Possible delays in the cremation process

The most common hold-up is a family member not signing the required authorisations promptly. In most cases, the majority of the family members need to agree and sign off on the cremation process before it is allowed to proceed. If a census cannot be reached or the family of the deceased refuses to respond, then the process can get stalled for days or even weeks. For this reason, it is recommended that people keen on choosing cremation to discuss the matter with their family well in advance. To avoid delays, arrange for a representative to authorise the entire cremation process.

Another requirement for cremation to push through is that a doctor must certify the cause of death. If a doctor is unavailable or the doctor’s name supplied to the funeral house is not right, the accreditation of death can be postponed. This is hardly business news but significant nonetheless when making cremation arrangements.

In many cases, an autopsy is needed. Any or all of the above can take numerous days or even weeks. A Cemetery and Funeral Bureau’s Customer Guide define much of what families have to know about low-cost cremation services in Australia .

You can depend on reputable cremation service providers to offer families of the deceased a quick and hassle-free experience while making sure all legal requirements are satisfied. If you have questions about the cremation procedure or unique situations,  the best thing to do is get in touch with them and have your questions answered.

So there you have it — an overview on the cremation process from beginning to end. Knowing these factors in mind and making the necessary preparations would help mitigate most problems.