How Recycled Mattresses Benefit You?

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Imagine you are moving into a new house and you buy a new bed. Your old mattress won’t fit in that bed. What do you do? Well most of us will tend to throw out our old mattress and buy a new one, which in fact seems the right thing to do. But what if I tell you that you can use your old mattress in a lot of ways only by recycling it. Sounds good right? Well in this blog I will tell you exactly how you can benefit from recycling your old mattress. 

How to recycle your old mattress?

Most of the mattress, whether they are old ones or the new ones that you have bought a couple of years ago, you can easily recycle them to make so many things which will not only benefit you but will also be great for the environment. 

  • Recycling the foam: Most of the mattress foam is made from organic materials such as cotton, castor beans, soy, and other natural oil resources, and most of the latex foams are made from organic renewable plant-based latex. You can easily grind them up and use them in various things such as paddings for wall-to-wall carpets, cushions, and pillows.
  • Recycling the fabric: Most of the fabrics used in mattresses are made from organic plant and animal fibers, making them sturdy and durable. Fibers like cotton, wool, silk, and rayon are best to recycle. You can use the fabric of your old mattress to make new rugs, pillows, cushions, DIY bed sheets, and even small garments for your pet. 
  • Recycling the steel inner-springs: Mattresses having inner-springs are mostly made from recycled materials. This not only helps to keep the wastage of materials in check but with recycling your old mattresses’ inner-springs you can make so many things such as DIY candle holders, plant holders, and junk jewelry ornaments. 
  • Recycling the foundation: The foundation of most mattresses is generally made of discarded wood from forests. By recycling the wooden foundation, you are helping the environment to sustain from getting rid of trees. Recycled wooden foundations can be used for animal beddings, biomass fuel, compost bins, lawn mulch, and small wooden structures.

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