How to Determine the Perfect Engagement Ring Size

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Determining the correct ring size of your partner when you have finally decided to put a ring on it can be a little tricky. The engagement ring is something that will be a symbol of your love, commitment and togetherness. This is why it is so important to get the ring size correct for whenever you decide to pop the question!

We understand the importance of this and have hence put together a simple guide for you to refer to when you finally decide to ask the big question! We hope the factors that we have put together for you to consider are of help to you and gives you one less thing to worry about while you plan the big surprise!

  • The shape of her finger – there are different kind of finger shapes which has an impact on the fit and size of the ring. For fingers that are tapered towards the bottom, it is important to have a ring that is snug fit so that it does not fall off. For knotted fingers that are wider in the middle, the size will be different. So firstly, examine your girls’ finger and see what shape they are to make it easier for you to narrow your search when you are searching for real diamond rings.
  • Width of the band – a size 7 ring made of thin band will be different from a size 7 ring made with a thick band. Thick bands have a snugger fit as compared to thin bands. So, if you want to go for a ring with a thin band then consider choosing one size smaller than you would otherwise while deciding which one to choose from the various gold rings for girls
  • Paper technique – to determine the ring size at home, wrap a thin piece of paper around your finger where you would typically wear the ring. Do not wrap it too tightly and make sure that the makeshift paper ring feels comfortable on the finger. Using a pencil, mark the place where the paper overlaps. Once this is done, then remove the paper from your finger, open it up to a flat piece of paper and then measure it against a ruler. Then you can compare the measurement of your finger to the circumferences given on the ring size guide for you to determine the correct ring size.
  • Ring technique – take an existing ring that fits you perfectly on your left hand and measure it against a ruler. Then measure the inner diameter of the ring and compare it to the measurement on the size guide. Otherwise you can just give your existing ring to the jeweller or print out the size guide and place it on the size that matches perfectly to yours.
  • Soap bar technique – if you want to get the correct ring size of your partner without letting them know about it, then all you need is a bar of soap. When they are not around, take the soap and wet it a little and then place the ring on top of it and give it a good press. This way you will get the imprint on the bar of soap which you must then wipe carefully and put it away. Make sure to wipe and wash the ring properly as well so that your partner does not get to know about it. This will ensure that you get the correct ring size and also keep the surprise in tact for them! This is an easy technique to do at home.