How to Maintain Gas Safety at Home

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Gas is one of the most convenient sources of energy for heating, hot water, and cooking, but only if safely handled and maintained. It is absolutely crucial to be one hundred percent sure your appliances are working well and your home is safe and healthy. Namely, without proper caution, gas can cause not only explosions and fire, but also poisoning, which is more difficult to detect, yet dangerousnonetheless. Here are some tips on how touse this source of energy in the best possible way.

Take Good Care of Your Appliances

Whether we’re talking about gas boilers, gas fires, cookers, hobs, central heating system or gas radiators, you must be sure they are all well maintained. Make sure you have a regular check-up of all the gas appliances in your house at least once a year, if not specified differently by the manufacturer. Of course, the check-up should be done by registered technicians. You can learn more about the importance of maintaining and repairing furnaces here

What’s more, regardless when you had the last check, in case you notice some signs of malfunctioning, such as excessive condensation, lazy yellow or orange flames, black stains, or your pilot light going out frequently, make sure to call the technicians to fix the problem as soon as possible. It’s important to mention that unfortunately not all malfunctions are announced by any symptoms, so that’s why it’s even more important to have the regular annual check-up.

Another important point is to make sure that yourtechnician is actually legally registered for that job, so do check their registration ID card which they are legally obliged to have. In case you notice someone who is illegally doing the gas safety check-up, do not hesitate to report the immediately.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is an extremely poisonous gas without any color, taste or smell, which makes all the more dangerous. That’s why it’s important to have a carbon monoxide detector installed, aside from having the regular check-ups. Considering the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning such as a headache, dizziness, sickness, tiredness, and shortness of breath, you wouldprobably rather not be the detector yourself.

Instead, choose one of the several types of detectors; electrolytic ones, which are the most efficient, metal oxide ones, which also detect other poisonous gases in the house, or colorimetric, which are useful, although it needs to be said that it is the least efficient and reliable out of the three. You can also install an audio alarm to alert you even more promptly.

Another hugely important thing you need to consider when installing a carbon monoxide detector is the positioning. It should be located well away from any fuel burning appliances such as the furnace or the heater. To maximize safety, install more carbon monoxide detectors, most importantly in all sleeping areas and above the garage, as your car exhaust can also leak carbon monoxide.

If, however, you do experience any of the above mentioned carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms before you manage to install the detector, make sure to immediately open doors and windows to get fresh air. Then turn off all the gas appliances and the gas supply at the meter. If there are no open flames to be extinguished, leave the house as soon as possible, otherwise try to take care of the naked flames first, if possible, of course. And finally, go see a doctor right away.

Make sure that your furnace and other gas appliances are in working order by having them regularly maintained by the certified technicians.