How to Run an Eco-Friendly Business

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With plastic choking our oceans and landfills overflowing, environmental awareness and responsibility have become even more pressing concerns today than they were in the past. Every year, over two billion tons of our waste are dumped, and businesses remain a significant contributor. Companies across all industries also play a part in creating greenhouse gases, destroying our environment at a concerning rate.  

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can turn everything around. Whether you’re running a massive corporation or a fledgling startup, you can run your business in a more eco-friendly way with the following tips.

Reduce your consumption of energy

For many businesses, energy consumption isn’t only its most significant expense. It’s also one of the biggest contributors to its carbon footprint. The good news is that there are ways to reduce its usage without compromising your operational productivity. For starters, you can replace any incandescent bulbs with LED alternatives. Also, it’s worth considering other sources of energy. Geothermal, wind, and solar power are viable options. Doing so won’t just be environmentally friendly, but it will bring down your expenses and widen your profit margins.

Prioritize recycling

Whether you’re working in a warehouse, office, or other types of workspaces, every business generates waste. By committing to recycling programs instead of having waste material sent over to the nearest landfill, you’ll be helping out the environment. For this reason, you need to pay more attention to all the things your company throws away.

You must also do your due diligence and look through your options on which recycling facilities to send the material. For example, Langley Recycling specializes in scrap metal like aluminum, bronze, and copper, to name a few. So if you need to get rid of steel waste, they’re the company to call. 

Opt for reusable supplies

Another way to drive down your carbon footprint is by opting for reusable supplies. For instance, using reusable pens that can be refilled with ink will allow your business to keep a considerable amount of plastic from landfills. You can also lower your paper waste if you keep everything digital instead. Although this may not sound like a significant change, it will go a long way in making your business more environmentally conscious.

Reduce the waste in restrooms

If there’s one area that’s usually overlooked by companies when it comes to minimizing their impact on the environment, it’s the restrooms. It’s fairly common for both customers and employees to waste a considerable amount of water and paper products in restrooms. And the light that illuminates the place also uses up a lot of energy.

One way to get around this is to replace the existing lighting fixtures with switches that are motion-activated. Automatic faucets may also contribute to less water wastage, while an automatic dryer is a good replacement for paper towels.


As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to the strategic growth of your business to be eco-friendly. Apart from keeping the organization’s carbon footprint down, it also lowers expenses and builds a good image for the company. So, make sure that you take measures to be environmentally friendly.