As one of the most popular destinations in the world, people of different ages flock in Australia for a number of bucket-list-worthy reasons. The country is huge and has a lot of things and wild places to offer to its visitors. From its world-class cities and urban centers that could compete with the top cities in Europe, North America, and Asia, to its spectacular sceneries and wildlife, there’s no doubt that this huge chunk of land in the bottom side of the globe is a bucket-list-worthy destination.  

If you are thinking of traveling in the Land Down Under, having a flight tracker like flightstatus24 can help you check and monitor your flight online. It’s free and easy to use and you can even download its app if you are a frequent backpacker like most of the people who come to Australia. What’s also good with the website is that it doesn’t only allow you to check the flight of major airlines in the world, it also shows you the flight status of regional airlines like QantasLink in Australia.

Australia is an expensive country to travel to in reality, but with a little bit of budgeting and knowing some travel hacks while on an adventure will help you lower your cost in the land down under. Here are a few tips on how you can travel to Australia on a budget:

  • Getting around the country. Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world, and getting around from city to city and destination to destination can cost you a lot. When planning for your trip to Australia, it is important to think of how long your visit will be and make a list of the places you want to see in the country. The country is huge, and if you’re thinking of traveling the country in such a short time, then it would be best to focus on a region or two. You can always go back to Australia when you have the time and budget, but for now, focus in a region you really want to explore and spend your visit there for as long as you want. 

When thinking of flying to get from the other side of Australia, there are now a bunch of airlines that you can consider that could fly you within the country at cheaper fares. There is, of course, the Tiger Airways, Virgin, Jetstar, and the Rex Airline which has a backpacker pass that is only available to international travelers. 

On the other hand, if you are thinking of driving your own car while in Australia, and you are planning on staying in the country for a long time, buying a campervan would be the best option for you. Campervan could double purpose as your accommodation as well when in the country, and what’s also good with a campervan is that you can sell it after your use.

When getting around in a land public transportation you can check Greyhound, a bus operator in Australia, as they have the hop-on-hop-off system where you can hop on and off the bus from your point of origin to your destination.

  • Accommodation. If you are a backpacker and is traveling alone in Australia, the chance that you are going to love the hostels is high. Hostels in Australia is the cheapest option for your accommodation in Australia. Most of the hostels have a kitchen, so it’s also a great deal to save for your meal. 

Australia also has a lot of national parks where you can camp for free or for a small cost. Spending some night camping in one of its national parks is not only a great experience but will also help you reduce your cost.

  • Eating in Australia. Eating out in Australia can be costly and the best way to save some money for your meal is by going to some supermarket to buy some groceries and prepare it on your own. Most of the accommodations, especially the hostels in Australia has a kitchen where you can prepare and cook your own meal. Going on a picnic is also a good experience you should not miss. 
  • Drinking in Australia. When going for a drink, your best bet for saving money on beer, wine, and spirits is through the bottle shop. It’s cheaper than going into a pub or bar where you will be charged for up to $12 for just a pint of beer.

A lot of restaurants in Australia also practice BYO or the Bring Your Own where you can bring your own alcohol or drink inside with a corkage of usually $1-2 only. A practice that could greatly reduce your eating and drinking out costs.

  • Sightseeing and recreation. Australia is a country that is blessed with natural parks, stunning landscapes, and incredible wildlife. Most of them are free for you to explore, all you have to do is to go outside and let your adventurous inner self take over you. Major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth are dotted with many beautiful and free public parks that are good for a walk or a picnic.

Australia is also famous for its beaches. Going into the beach is one of the best ways to spend your day in here, not only it is cheap, but you would also get to experience one of the things that the country is known for. Other great things to see and explore in Australia that is cheap and sometimes free are its national parks, its markets, its museums and galleries, and of course, its wildlife. If you are lucky enough you can get to have a close encounter with Koalas and Kangaroos in the wild, without spending money on tickets to enter zoos and wildlife parks.