How To Write An Essay With APA Standards

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An essay is a combative text which is meant to sustain, defend, validate, or expose by mode of arguments, an institutional or personal opinion on a particular topic.

Like all academic texts like medicine, humanities and social sciences, essays must follow specific requirements initiated by APA (American Psychological Association), which creates regulations that range from measuring the margins of the page, to the way to refer or quote information from others and the means to show the documented sources at the conclusion of your text.

Following the criteria and indications provided by APA might seem challenging, but it is not. However, it has a specific level of complexity. For this, an easy way of following APA’s rule is to have the right guide or manual that solves not only the doubts but provides us with the general notion.

The General Page Format

The initial step to writing myadmissionessay following the rules of APA is to give a page the right and proper format. Below are the basic rules to follow:

  • The size of the sheet has to be 8.5 x 11 inches or 21.6cm x 27.9cm
  • The measurement of the margin should be 2.5cm; in other words, 1 inch
  • Paragraphs should start with an indentation of five space, except for the first paragraph of each section
  • The preferred spacing should be 1.5 line spacing or double spaced, and the overall letter size should be 12 points
  • According to APA, your essay should be positioned to the left. It gives an excellent impression of high cleanliness and orderliness
  • All the pages must be specified by a number at the bottom margin

The Dates

The citation is the piece of text, which is not your writing and that you refer to use as arguments for your article. When making use of someone else’s text fragments or ideas, for intellectual integrity, you should indicate that it is not yours and identify who the principal author of that text is.

Prior to this, APA has sets of rules which allow people that know their model of writing to indicate the section of the essay that is yours and the ones that are not yours.


From other models of writing to the final part where the sources used in writing the essay is cited, is known as Bibliography. However, APA suggests that it is rather called References because it is cited in newspapers, magazines, and archival documents, not only books.