Is Plavix considered a blood thinner?

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Plavix is one of the medications used in treating diseases like heart attack and stroke. Platelet is one of the components of our blood. Platelets help in stopping any active bleeding internally or externally. A low level of platelet will cause spontaneous bleeding. The bleeding may occur anywhere in your body, including the brain, lungs, muscles, gums, and so on. Spontaneous bleeding is a life-threatening condition as a person might lose blood in high amounts and a very short duration. Platelets prevent this from happening. Plavix can cause this issue and taking an appropriate dose is one of the precautions for Plavix.

Why not a high level of platelets?

A high level of platelets is not good and dangerous as it will cause spontaneous blood clot formation within blood vessels that may cause blockage to any areas in the body. If it blocks the blood vessels supplying the heart, it will cause a heart attack, if a blood clot blocks the blood vessels supplying the brain, it will cause a stroke or memory loss or some other neurological issues. In simpler words, high platelets produce blood clots and cause damage in your body.

Patients who are suffering from certain illnesses like heart disease and stroke require blood-thinning agents like Plavix. There are a few types of blood-thinning agents such as antiplatelets, anti-thrombin, vitamin K inhibitors, and so on. They are broadly classified into oral or parenteral blood thinner. Plavix is an antiplatelet which should be taken orally or simply means it is an oral blood thinner.

Plavix is made of the following substance:

Clopidogrel 75mg

The effects of Plavix drug depends on its use and dosage taken.

You are advised to take this medicine during meals or after meals. This medication should only be taken after a dose determined by the doctor.

You need a doctor’s prescription to get this medication. You can buy Plavix from the nearest pharmacy. There is also another generic version. Generally, these drugs are not considered overpriced and may be taken as prescribed in a doctor’s prescription.

Please check the expiry date before consuming it. It is produced by Sanofi Pharmaceuticals. How to take Plavix? – Swallow the pill and do not chew. Take according to the dose prescribed by the doctor.

Before taking Plavix, please refer to the doctor’s advice especially if you have any of the following illnesses. Contraindicated disease:

-Allergies to Plavix or any other of its ingredients

-Internal hemorrhages such as peptic ulcer disease or brain hemorrhage

Please stop taking the medication if you have the following symptoms.

The reaction between Plavix medicine:

Reaction varies by individual. You are encouraged to ask your doctor about the possibility of reactions between the medicines before taking them.

-Anticoagulation drug

-Other antiplatelet drugs


-SSRI and SNRI drug

-Proton pump inhibitor drugs such as omeprazole

This is an incomplete list of reactions between medicines and illnesses that may interfere with Plavix drugs. Before you take this medicine, please tell your doctor about all the medicines you take. Remember the following:

-Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight

-Avoid using this medicine in a prolonged time

-Alcohol may harm your liver if taken with this medicine