Is your Eavestrough damaged?

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Eavestroughs are designed to prevent water from ruining your home’s foundation by directing it away from the walls, doors, and windows. They are installed at the edges of the roof and come in varying lengths and colours. Like all other roofing components, eavestroughs must be properly maintained. Lack of maintenance can cause premature damage and serious roof leaks that lead to costly repairs. Below are some common signs that your eavestrough needs repair or a replacement.


Peeling paint

Eavestroughs are designed to withstand wear and tear over time but if you begin to notice peeling paint on the surface, it means they have deteriorated and need repair. The paint peels because of stagnant water since the eavestrough isn’t draining water as fast or effectively as it should. The solution could be to replace it completely or perform repairs. Call an expert contractor who handles roof repair in Oakville to recommend the best solution for the peeling paint.



Eaves troughs are designed to remove water from your roof and ensure it gets drained fast enough. If the eavestrough begins to overflow, there’s an issue with the drainage. Perhaps something is blocking the water in the eavestrough from flowing freely. An inspection needs to be done to ensure that there’s no debris built up on your eavestrough. This usually occurs if gutter cleaning isn’t done regularly. Leaves and animal residue can accumulate in the eavestrough causing water to overflow. This overflowing water can easily decay boards so treat it as an emergency roof repair issue. Your roofer may even recommend a complete replacement of the entire gutter system.


Minor splits and cracks

Many homeowners quickly ignore cracks and splits on the eavestroughs but these fractures can contribute to significant damage on your roofing system. Splits and cracks can lead to leakages and they often start small but become large over time. Call a contractor to perform the necessary repairs before these cracks leak water and damage your gutters, fascia and soffit boards.


Sagging gutters

If you notice that the gutters are pulling away from the structure of your home, it could be an issue with the drainage. Gutters sag due to the weight of water that’s not draining fast enough. Avoid costly repairs by calling a contractor to check the underlying issue.


Damaged soffit and fascia boards

Your building’s soffit and fascia boards should be regularly inspected because they could indicate eavestrough damage. When water is not draining properly through the eavestroughs, it could accumulate and ultimately damage the roofing components. The decayed fascia and soffit boards need to be replaced immediately before they lead to extensive damage.


If you suspect any of the issues above, call an expert roofer to examine your eavestrough system and recommend the best solution to get it back up and running. These components are meant to protect your home from water damage and need to be regularly inspected. Trust a contractor with the knowledge, skill, and resources to offer proper eavestrough replacement or repair services.