Jeep Compass Limited Plus: Top 5 Features

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There is always a need to change with the changing world. There are many inventions been done in the last few decades for the ease of the people. The people are thus coping up and try to adopt all the changes that will definitely help a lot in their lives. The changes that take place in the products always help the user. There are different types of things launched so that the updates benefit the people.

There are many cars and vehicles that have been launched for the generations coming up. The different cars and vehicles that are been launched are made according to the usage of the people. The cars that are made may be SUV, sedan or the normal cars. One of the upcoming cars in today’s time is the Jeep Compass. The car is a grand SUV car been launched for the people who wish to have big cars. The vehicle is a 5 seater and also available in different colors for the customer.


The new update of the car that is the Jeep Compass limited plus has a seating capacity of 5. The fuel type has been used in the vehicle is diesel and there are 6 gears present in the vehicle. There are disc brakes present in the car and that is a necessary modification been made in the cars for the safety and also void the accidents.

Top 5 features of the Jeep Compass limited plus:

  • The added exterior features: the limited plus has dual panel moonroof. The car has for the very first time launched the car with the sunroof that has not been provided by any other SUV that lies within the same bracket price. The headlamps are also available with the intensity of up to three levels. The wheels of the vehicle are upgraded up to 18-inch polished aluminum which earlier was of 17 inches .there are also rain sensing wipers been added to the C
  • More features inside: the driver seat has been provided with the eight-way adjustable function that helps in the memory function. The vehicle also has a four-way lumbar support. There is also an add-on feature of the infotainment screen which is the largest in the class of the cars. The car also has the auto dimming rear view mirror in the new Jeep C
  • Safety: there are 6 airbags provided along with the full-length curtains for the rear and front passengers. The airbags are provided for the inside cabin.
  • Powertrain: there are automatic and manual transmission provided in the vehicle. The vehicle has both the diesel and petrol version. There are 3 powertrain options.
  • Pricing: the limited plus is priced a little higher than the original piece. The version is priced approximately up to 20 lakhs rupees and even more depending on the versions.

The new Jeep Compass limited plus is definitely a very good version and with all the new features the vehicle is added up to the list of one of the best vehicle of the range of its price.