MEDICAL CANNABIS – Read Out The Medical Uses and More

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Legal cannabis production worldwide is on the increase in the last decade. The medical uses of the cannabis being legalized in many countries have made this possible. After the illegalization in 1900 by many countries, this traditional medicinal plant ceased to be grown in many countries. With its rich medical qualities are now known to the world by a part research of its ingredients and their therapeutic uses.

Legalization and its impact on cannabis users:

In the year 2013, the legal production of cannabis was around 60,000 kilograms. This sharply increased in the last few years to cross the 1 million kilograms. As per a survey conducted in 2014 nearly 4 % of the population in the age group of 15 -65 years consumed cannabis products one way or the other. With legalization, this percentage has not seen any significant change, which confirms the medicinal use of cannabis plants.

Medical cannabis products:

There are a variety of medical cannabis products and Zenabis is the market leader in them. They were able to be the No.1 in medical cannabis products for the variety and quality of it. The state of the art facility for processing and manufacturing these medicines in all facilities all over Canada make them the best. The best of their products give relief to a number of medical issues.

List of products of Zenabis and their composition:

  • Belladonna – THC 11.27 % – CBD >0.064%
  • Sensi Star – THC 18.98 % – CBD > 0.01%
  • Wappa – THC 14 -18 % – CBD < 0.064%
  • Ultra Sour – THC 22.29 % – CBD 0.06%
  • Shishkaberry – THC 15.03 % – CBD 0.06%
  • Durga Mata 2 – THC 6.44 % – CBD 12.36 %
  • MK Ultra – THC 20 – 25 % – CBD <0.1%

There are combo packs like Canna Curious combo for the above products in a combined form with discounts in prices.

Zenabis is the one stop shop for all the medical cannabis products for all treatments.