NetBase Offers a Wide Range of Social Media Tools

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Social media offers companies an exciting forum to connect with its existing and potential customers. Not only is it an essential marketing tool today, it can also be highly effective when properly used. However, part of its utilization includes properly interpreting the data your social media platforms provide.

The amount of resources needed to manage all of your social media accounts may be too time consuming for your company. You may not have the workforce available to allocate to these tasks. Or you may not wish to hire an additional employee to analyze all the data that comes with your social media accounts. For many companies, outsourcing your social media management and analytics becomes a viable alternative. Social media analytics companies, such as NetBase, provides a variety of tools to properly analyze social media metrics.

Why Use Social Media Analytics Tools?

Many businesses realize the importance of using social media and are aware that more followers equates to more influence; however, it is important to realize that the raw data provided by social media is just as important. Not only can social media analytics companies analyze your business’s data, they can also analyze your competitor’s and the industry’s data.

Today, social media can often be seen as an entirely separate branch of your marketing department. How deeply you analyze its analytics depends on what you are using the data for and, of course, your budget. This new area of marketing that focuses on analyzing data such as keywords, trends, followers, influencers, and click through rate is important to companies who wish to follow up on improving the effectiveness of their social media campaigns and to develop specific marketing strategies.

Different Types of Social Media Tools

With the right set of social media analytics, your company can figure out the best way to send specific messages to your followers and align your customers to your brand vision and philosophy. You can deliver a better experience to your customers and promptly respond to complaints before any negative ramifications tarnish your brand’s reputation. Here are several types of social media tools.

  • Social Monitoring – Social monitoring is a micro view of your social media data. Social monitoring involves a marketing employee checking a platform’s feed for notifications, responses that are posted to your business’s account, and interacting and responding to your followers’ comments and complaints. It is crucial to have a responsive social monitoring system set up.
  • Social Listening – Social listening is a macro view of your social media data. It captures data from your social media platforms such as an aggregate keyword analysis of what your customers are saying about your brand, who is mentioning your brand, and how your brand is being mentioned. It is not restricted to activities solely on your own account, but it involves a broader scope that includes your competitors and the industry as a whole.
  • Image Analytics -Many of the social media contents are now image based. With image analytics, you can observe where your brand is showing up and understand how your products are being used. Image analytics allows analysis of images, memes, emoticons, and other photographic content and how it relates to your brand.

What is NetBase?

NetBase is a real time social media analytics company founded in 2003 that offers numerous tools to analyze what people are saying on social media. With numerous awards under its belt, NetBase is the social media analytics tool used by international companies such as Taco Bell, Target, and Coca Cola. NetBase’s analytics technology can analyze real time data and deliver actionable insights for companies to make critical decisions from public relations to product research to marketing strategies.

In today’s business culture, customers expect timely responses to their concerns. With social media tools, companies like NetBase can quickly offer business insights to help your business make informed decisions on your research and development, sales, customer service, and public relations. Your customers are talking about you and your industry online, and there is no reason to stay ignorant of what they are saying on public channels – especially when there are many social media tools available to listen in.