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Bodog Is My Choice For Complete Online Betting Experience

I started my first football bet 20 years ago during the World Cup 98held in France. During that time, things were not easy. Internet was something so new to most of us and I could not even recall if there was any online betting site at that time. All bets had to be done manually with a bookie or through a dealer and sometimes the commission is rather high. 

During the early days of sports betting, the odds were fixed as I could either bet on the whole match, 1st half or 2nd half of the game. I had easily lost about RM5,000 during the 1998 World Cup. Some bets were not even recorded properly and the bookie insisted that I pay up despite me denyingall the incorrect or misinformed bets. The same fate hit me during Euro 2000 when David Trezeguet fired the golden goal and made France the winner.  I lost about RM6,000 this time.

Moving up to 10 years ago, I was introduced to web-based betting. The system was not really good and unreliable. Due to the many limitations, I was only able to obtain accounts to play with a few local sportsbook providers. As more new providers come into play, I started to try out other international Asian sportsbook providers. Being a Malaysian, I definitely rely heavily on Asian handicap as that is my most preferred way to bet on football matches. 

Recently, I got a chance to try out Bodog’s Sports Betting. A Hong Kong friend of mine actually recommended me to try it out. First of all, Bodog got all of my needs covered. The odds and scoreboards are always ready and live. For now, I only use Bodog as my primary waypoint to keep up with the latest scores and results. Bodog also provides very clear terms and conditions which are far more superior than most sportsbook or online betting sites.

I also got to try out other form of sports such as NBA and badminton. I can say Bodog actually covers all sorts of sport tournaments in the world. You can just name the type of sport and Bodog has got it all.Bodog even took the extra mile to provide live score and odds of matches which I can just remain on the site to carry out my bets and monitoring. I was told that Bodog actually uses a revolutionized betting technology from Europe. With Bodog online sports betting, I can actually place bets on unique situations such as red card count, corner kick count and so on. These are some of the special ways of betting I have never heard of until I knew Bodog. Bodog Sports Betting is indeed Asian friendly, I still carry out my bets with the conventional way and it works for me. The user interface is very easy to use and I can conduct searches as well as compare the odds that help me decide on which game to play. 

Bodog offers over 100 bet markets which is very impressive. There are many types of sports available including specialties like E-Sport, Virtual Sport and Number Games. Short of capital? No worries as Bodog employs parlay system which you can bring your initial winnings to the next games. Low start-up but high returns, howcool is that!Bodog doesn’t compromise in terms of providing the best rates and odds in the market. I found that Bodog’s rates are even better than local providers such as Correct Score, First Goal Scorer etc. 

Bodog Sports Betting might bea new name to some Malaysians but I am sure you will be very satisfied and keep coming back for more. You will never regret in makingBodog your number one online betting provider. As a company hailing from the West, Bodog guarantees 100% payout with no delay. Always be sure to stay safe and secure to avoid being cheated. You winnings might be dishonoured by irresponsible bookies that will run way if you win big. Why take the risk when you have Bodog?