Online guide to roof replacement, repair and maintenance

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A healthy roof is necessary for the integrity of a building. It provides you shelter and protects you from weather. Roof is made up of asphalt shingle, clay tile, cedar shakes, slate and metal. Roof made from metal and slates have long expectancy of life. The asphalt shingle is the less expensive material but have shorter span of life.

If you are searching for any experienced roofing contractors then come to guardian roof Company. We provide you many roofing solutions designed to maintain your home. We are well-known company for roofing installations, repairs and maintenance. We will perform our job with full satisfaction. We leave your roof in the best shape of your protection of your house or office.

Here is the online roofing guide to keep your roof healthy;-

  1. The effects of mold on roof: when there is heat and humidity on roof then it gets mouldy. There is no roof which is water-resistant to mold. Mould on roofs crash advent. Clean a roof makes your house protection and well maintain. Mold destroys tile roofs. Roof made from asphalt shingles absorbs heat that makes roof hotter. So, keep your roof clean and keep it healthy.
  2. Powerwashing of roof: power-washing is the best method to clean the roof. It is done with a wand and a round-surface cleaner. It is mainly perform by professionals who have experience and who knows how to use commercial-grade equipment. Tile roofs are cleaned by pressure-washing. It stay cleans for 6-12 months and needs to clean again.
  3. Chemical cleaning of roof: roof is also cleaned with chemical. It is becoming the popular way to clean the roof. Chemical cleansing is a solution which consists of water, bleach and surfactant. It apply to the surface of roof and allow it to soak in. roofs that are cleaned with chemical stays mold free for more longer than the roofs that are cleaned with power-washing.

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In this way, you can keep your roof clean and healthy.

What is the need of inspecting the roof?

Guardian roof Company recommends to homeowners that they have to inspect their roof on regular interval. We may know about the potential problems and protect them for further problems.

Professionals are carefully inspected the roof. They examine the various problems and provide appropriate solution to you. Roofs may also be inspected in two ways: exterior roof inspection and interior roof inspection.

Guardian roof Company is the best roofers who offer the best roof replacement service.