Putting e-cig Side by Side by Traditional Cigar

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Smoking is a term that is used to explain the process of inhaling the smoke that comes out of the cigar as a result of burning the dried tobacco or any other drug that will have to affect the normal functioning of your body. There are a number of companies that are actively involved in massive production of these cigars. This has led to increased population of the smokers in the world today. There is a new trend that is very close related to smoking. It is called vaping. It is a modern means of inhaling the vapor that is produced as a result of the burning or vaporization of the liquid tobacco that is commonly referred to as the e-liquid. The whole process being engineered electronically, it then means that the device that is involved is also called an e-cig. It has a powerful battery that is rechargeable. This battery supplies the power to the eater that is fitted at the reservoir whose function is to heat up the solution to the point of vaporization. Now that the liquid is ought to be vaporized, it then means that it will have to be consumed, hence the reason why the solution ought to be refilled from time to time. This article shall therefore highlight a number of components that make up the electronic cigar and how they function;

  • A reservoir of tobacco liquid
  • A sensor
  • Powerful heater

A reservoir of tobacco

This is a small tank that is specially designed to hold the electronic liquid waiting for the heating process. Before vaping process begins, it ought to be checked whether it has enough content as subjecting the heater into heating without a liquid can be so dangerous. This might lead to the development of the mechanical problems that you may not be able to correct. To avoid this, you need to always make sure that you make it a routine to refill the reservoir with the liquid tobacco.

A sensor

It is special and very delicate. It is located on the mouthpiece of the device. It is supposed to initiate the processes that are supposed to produce the steam that is supposed to be inhaled. It is also pretty well to mention that it also relies on the supply of power from the battery of the e-cig for it to be able to detect and triggers the heater to heat up and vaporize the electronic liquid. It should therefore be protected at all costs because the moment it becomes faulty, it will never have to be rectified again.

Powerful heater

The heater plays an important role as far as the electronic cigar is concerned. Without this important element, the device will never be able to produce the steam that the smoker desires. This is the reason why it is important that it should be protected at all costs from the possible mechanical damages that are likely to affect it. It is through such protection that the e-cig will be able to work well.