9 Clever Ways to Cut Some Cost For Your Wedding Catering

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Are you on the lookout for nice deals on catering Vienna VA? While booking at the right time can save you plenty of money for your wedding catering, there are other ways to stick to your budget as well.

Forgo gourmet

Nothing could possibly be as fancy as a wedding, right? And it is very tempting to show off some gourmet dishes to the guests. However, because gourmet dishes have expensive ingredients, you might find yourself strapped for cash and unable to feed your entire guest list. Instead of gourmet, especially if you are looking at a ballooning guestlist, choose dishes that you are already familiar with and fond of. You’ll find that your guests won’t even miss the gourmet lineup.

Get food in season

Look at the date of your wedding. You can expand your budget’s reach if you choose food items that are in season. For example, if your wedding is in fall, it’s only natural that you include fall dishes in your menu. This will not only help you save a lot of money but also help you make sure that your food tastes great. Ingredients that are in season are not just cheap. They are also at the peak of their taste potentials.

Buffet it

For sure, a plated, sit-down dinner is more formal. However, plated dinners are also more expensive. You will not only be paying for the food but for the labor of added waiters and waitresses. Most couples would also tell you that there is so much food wastage when you opt for plated dinners.

Look for replacement ingredients

If your menu seems to be very highly-priced, you can ask the chef how to bring down the cost. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of replacing one or two ingredients in the dishes. With the replacement of these ingredients, you might not even have to say goodbye to the menu of your choice.

Scale down options

Providing your guests with five to seven options during your wedding could seem gallant and impressive. However, so many food choices could also mean more cost. If you are working on a budget, cut this catering Vienna VA choices down to two or three and you’ll see the significant price difference.

Skip extras

If it’s a dinner party whose reception stretched way into the night, some couples opt for late-night snack additions. While gallant, this addition is not necessary. If you are really working on a budget, you can skip this and just focus on your main dinner menu.

Price shop for seafood

If you are serving seafood at your wedding, the freshest seafood would always cost more if bought from a grocery. While your chef will probably tell you the price is worth it, look for alternatives. There are restaurant suppliers who could be willing to give you better prices so you can still serve quality seafood without selling an arm and a leg for it.

Big bowls of salad

Salads are decorative, filling and healthy. Compared to meat products, they are also cheaper. Make sure your selection includes a salad station. Add plenty of tomatoes to complement the greens. You’ll find your guests pining for the salads. This stretches the reach of your main buffet spread.

Skip the cheese platter

Cheese platters of grazing tables are tempting and trendy. However, this is something people have had in the past, in office functions and so on. If you need to cut down on something, the cheese platter is a good candidate because it won’t really be missed.

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